Alexander Schubert

Sinebag is the more pop orientated side project of Alexander Schubert. It’s electro-acoustic music with influences from contemporary music, improvised music and experimental pop music. Alexander Schubert is also a composer for contemporary multimedia music and plays in different improvised contexts, for example in the electroacoustic free jazz quartett \„Ember\“. While these two poles and the harmonic sinebag project used to be really three different fields of work – they start to merge together more and more by now being rather different aspects of a similar approach on music. This becomes evident comparing the first two releases (\„Milchwolken in Teein\“ and \„Près de la lisière\“) with the current musical material. Several pieces have been based on the use of field recordings. A lot of the pieces are arranged versions of studio recordings of live-electronic improvisations. Jazz elements are present as much as acousmatic and minimal elements. Overall the music changes slowly from a rather ambient approach to a more counterpoint and diverse compositional approach. Sinebag has been performed live a lot of times with the constant aim to try to create the pieces on stage from scratch relying on several acoustic instruements, custom made objetcs and programs and the collaboration with instrumentalists – the goal always being to have the performance be comprehendable and well perceivable. His records have been released on his label \„Ahornfelder\“ and on \„Pulsmusik.\“