Mi, 13.03.2024, 19:30 Uhr

Anachronism #20365011074 + 7" Releaseparty Plattenfroster

Anachronism #20365011074 + 7" Releaseparty Plattenfroster

concert series for music and non music & Plattenfroster 7" Releaseparty Finally the 7" Plattenfroster release from the covid years 2020/2021 is ready for the turntables. Two tracks by Istari Lasterfahrer (Sozialistischer Plattenbau) and Kundan Lal (you need friends not disco), build from scratch and based mostly on original Stubnitz motorship sounds. lineup: ± Figöök ± Munk Engelund ± Tommy Toothpick & The Hypno Sonic Machines ± Breaklab ± Komplize ± Kundan Lal ± Istari Lasterfahrer ± Ameise Das Konzert wird unterstützt vom Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg und der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg. Anachronism: "The word on the street, it's real. Like so many great projects we have lost our funding and whilst waiting for that loss, we decided all we could do was to get the crew together and into town - and join with the Plattenfroster 7" crew!"

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Ort: MS Stubnitz | Kirchenpauerkai 26