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Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023

Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023

Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023 today with artists from Uganda, France/Germany After a couple of days of their residency & workshops aboard JESSICA EKOMANE x AFRORAXX serve us two never seen und new live performances. It's all about music and dance! electronic | gqom | grime | kuduros | modular synth | techno | trap | experimental drone | polyphonic AFROPOLLINATION: Collaborative Artistic Projects between Africa and Germany A notable programme feature of this edition is the Afropollination project – an initiative by Boutique Foundation / Nyege Nyege (Kampala) and Piranha Arts (Berlin), with MS Stubnitz, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Cosmo Radio and CTM Festival, funded through the Fonds TURN2 of the Federal Cultural Foundation of Germany. Afropollination aims to encapsulate the process of artistic and social cultural pollination, facilitating creative encounters between artists, genres, disciplines, identities, ideas, cultures, technologies, and communities from various regions of Africa and Germany. Among other, the artists will take part in residencies to create new work, and host workshops. entry: 19:00 start: 20:00 presale 8€ (+ fee + 1 club euro | donation) box office: 13€ reduced admission for students, pupils and welfare recipients at the box office: 8€ Tickets: 3-day-pass for all Afropollination shows: Facebook-Event: Afropollionation: NyegeNyege: Hakuna Kulala: MUSIC AND DANCE Music and dance have always gone hand in hand in Africa, but unfortunately when represented internationally, the two often get disentangled. With this project we want to re-contextualize the music through its dance element, and take it a step further by involving contemporary dancers and choreographers to create new modern interpretations to the music from the project. The first phase of the project tookplace in Uganda around the Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 with residencies before and after the festival as well as artists’ shows and debates at the festival. Further phases will take place in 2023 in Germany at the CTM festival in Berlin, at MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, at Festsaal Kreuzberg for the closing Afropollination event in June 2023 and with a partnership with Cosmo Radio (Cologne). Definition: “Pollination is the transfer of pollen later enabling fertilization and the production of seeds, most often by an animal or by wind.” ***** ***** ***** JESSICA EKOMANE, Germany, Electronic musician, sound artist: Jessica Ekomane is a French-born and Berlin-based electronic musician and sound artist. Her practice unfolds around live performances and installations. Her quadraphonic performances, characterized by their physical affect, seek a cathartic effect through the interplay of psychoacoustics, the perception of rhythmic structures and the interchange of noise and melody. Her ever-changing and immersive sonic landscapes are grounded in questions such as the relationship between individual perception and collective dynamics or the investigation of listening expectations and their societal roots. Jessica Ekomane is one the six composers chosen as collaborators by Natascha Süder Happelman for her installation at the German pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2019. She’s also part of the SHAPE Platform roaster of artists for 2019. September 2019 will see the release of her first LP Multivocal via Important Records. Her work has been presented in various institutions worldwide such as CTM festival (Berlin), Ars Electronica (Linz), Dommune (Tokyo) and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha). Links Collaboration with Zoë Mc Pherson: Ostgut Ton anniversary compilation: Album from 2019: A bit of press: ***** AFRORACK, Uganda, Producer: Bamanya Brian is an experimental multidisciplinary artist from Uganda and performs and records under the name Afrorack. He is one of the people pioneering the making of electronic music instruments in Africa. He has always found fascination in tinkering with electronics, building circuits, hacking devices and messing around with microcontrollers. He has done projects in sound art, electronics, radio, space, electronic music, experimental visuals, renewable energy and kinetic sculptures. Some of his work has gained attention from major international companies like Korg, Behringer and Arturia among others and he has done projects with some of them. He has appeared at several local and international festivals which include Atlas Electronic in Morocco, Nyege Nyege in Uganda, CTM Festival in Germany and Dakar Art Biennale in Senegal. He has also appeared as a speaker at several international conferences like Africa Synthesized 2020 organized by African Institute of Music and Innovation and Bowed Electronics organized University of Cape Town. His work has also appeared in international media and publications like Shado Magazine, Arte tracks, Pan African Music and Radio France International (RFI). Brian has released his debut self-titled album on Hakuna Kulala, one of the music labels under the Nyege Nyege festival-Uganda. Links: Album review.

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