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Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023

Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023

Afropollination x MS Stubnitz 2023 today with artists from Tanzania, Rwanda, Germany, Mali After a couple of days of their residency & workshops aboard JAY MITTA x DJ DIAKI x ZOË MC PHERSON x ZAI & NANA | BINGHI x ASTAN KA x EXOCÉ serve us two never seen und new live performances. It's all about music and dance! non-genre specific | electronic | performance | singeli | african rave sound | acholitronix | footwork | drum n bass | krump | coupé-décalé | soukous AFROPOLLINATION: Collaborative Artistic Projects between Africa and Germany A notable programme feature of this edition is the Afropollination project – an initiative by Boutique Foundation / Nyege Nyege (Kampala) and Piranha Arts (Berlin), with MS Stubnitz, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Cosmo Radio and CTM Festival, funded through the Fonds TURN2 of the Federal Cultural Foundation of Germany. Afropollination aims to encapsulate the process of artistic and social cultural pollination, facilitating creative encounters between artists, genres, disciplines, identities, ideas, cultures, technologies, and communities from various regions of Africa and Germany. Among other, the artists will take part in residencies to create new work, and host workshops. entry: 19:30 start: 20:30 presale 14€ (+ fee + 1 club euro | donation) box office: 18€ reduced admission for students, pupils and welfare recipients at the box office: 10€ Tickets: 3-day-pass for all Afropollination shows: Facebook-Event: Afropollionation: NyegeNyege: Hakuna Kulala: MUSIC AND DANCE Music and dance have always gone hand in hand in Africa, but unfortunately when represented internationally, the two often get disentangled. With this project we want to re-contextualize the music through its dance element, and take it a step further by involving contemporary dancers and choreographers to create new modern interpretations to the music from the project. The first phase of the project tookplace in Uganda around the Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 with residencies before and after the festival as well as artists’ shows and debates at the festival. Further phases will take place in 2023 in Germany at the CTM festival in Berlin, at MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, at Festsaal Kreuzberg for the closing Afropollination event in June 2023 and with a partnership with Cosmo Radio (Cologne). Definition: “Pollination is the transfer of pollen later enabling fertilization and the production of seeds, most often by an animal or by wind.” ***** ***** ***** JAY MITTA, Tanzania, Producer: Jay Mitta is one of the core producers of Sisso Studios in Dar es Salaam, a collective responsible for popularising Singeli, a frenetic strain of underground Tanzanian dance music which often exceeds 200 bpm. He innovates with the singeli genre that's bubbled out of the ghettos of the Tanzanian capital. In his 2017 feature on the Nyege Nyege collective, RA's Aaron Coultate described singeli as bearing some resemblance to "kuduro, shangaan electro and even gabber," its sped-up rhythms constructed on second-hand Casio keyboards. Mitta's unique take on the genre also acts as an introduction to a rising singeli MC, 14-year-old Dogo Janja. His take on the genre is more polished and cheerful than other members of the community. As heard on his debut album for Nyege Nyege Tapes, Tatizo Pesa, Mitta’s beats have a slightly less frenetic character, if you can say so about music that makes footwork feel like downtempo. Links: DIAKI, Mali, Producer: Diaki’s hard thumping live electro balani show is the quintessential African rave sound, the one that can wake even the dead, drawing comparisons to shangaan, singeli and acholitronix as well as drum n bass and footwork. DJ Diaki’s style of balani show is a live performance on laptop, mic and drum machines. With influences of coupe decale and soukous, Diaki delivers an atomic blend of traditional balani electrified with all the West African candence! Diaki has perfected his craft over the last 30 years, and risen to fame after his Boiler room set at Nyege Nyege festival 2019 where legendary DJ Marcelle called him “The discovery of the Century”. His critically acclaimed debut release on Nyege Tapes (Feb. 2020) was album of the month in the Guardian, and his electrifying sets have earned him the nickname “Le President”, for his magical ability to channel ancestral rhythms and pull a club into a frenzy, from Berlin clubs to small villages on the outskirts of Bamako. DJ Diaki is also the head programmer at Sanankoroba Radio which he helped co-found. Links: ZOË MC PHERSON, Germany, DJ/Producer: Described as a "vanguard" by British publication Mixmag, Zoë Mc Pherson is a multimedia artist whose practice absorbs elements of performance, sound design, installation art and DJing. Additionally, Mc Pherson curates the SFX label with their long-time collaborator Alessandra Leone. It was an early passion for jazz that sparked Mc Pherson's curiosity in experimental music's rugged fringes. Soon enough, their interest led towards electronic sounds, and Mc Pherson's inquisitive ear evolved rapidly as they began experimenting with DIY recording techniques and computer software. Now based in Berlin, the French-Northern Irish musician straddles artistic disciplines - their albums, EPs and 12"s only tell part of a story that includes kinetic live shows, and lavish interactive experiences. After releasing their immersive 2018 debut album "String Figures" on the SVS imprint, Mc Pherson released 2020's rhythmically complex "States of Fugue" - described by Berlin's Hardwax as "adventurous" - on their own SFX imprint. Since its inception in 2020, SFX has released an ongoing collaborative audiovisual composition featuring 43 artists including Aho Ssan, Katie Gately, ZULI, KMRU, and a vinyl 12" from Klahrk amongst others. The composition, titled "XquisiteForce.AV", was presented as part of Berlin's CTM Festival in 2021 as a virtual digital exhibition, sidestepping restrictions with an innovative 3D environment. Since then, Mc Pherson has assembled several sound installations for Berlin's Silent Green and Alhambra, performed at international festivals and venues such as Malmö's Inkonst, Madrid's LEV, Amsterdam's Fiber, Berlin’s CTM and initiated a collaboration with sound artist Jessica Ekomane. The duo's jagged debut live set was filmed at Berghain Halle and broadcast by ARTE TV, and their first recording was released in 2021 on Ostgut Ton's "Fünfzehn + 1" compilation. Mc Pherson also recently embarked on an ambitious project alongside a brand new queer-owned club bULt in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, to invite musicians and designers to perform and hold workshops. This year, Mc Pherson released their new statement on Berlin's Pendulum Recordings label. Entitled "Abyss Elixir", it continues where "States of Fugue" left off, crawling out of recognizable electronic templates and dissolving sci-fi sonics in dubbed-out rhythmic vortexes. Links: ZAI & NANA, Tanzania, Dancers: Zai and Nana are two Tanzanian Queens of the dancefloor who specialize in Singeli. They have mastered the art of twerking and are able to move their bodies in rythms with this insane music that rolls at a minimum of 200bpm. Core members of the Singeli movement, they are regular performers at the Nyege Nyege festival and many events in Tanzania and East Africa. Links: BINGHI, Rwanda, producer, singer, DJ: Sheja Cheryl also known as Binghi is a Rwandan singer/songwriter, actress, spoken word artist, music producer and dj since 2017. She also experiments with audio visual installation and exhibitions. Born on the 7th of may 1995, she currently resides in Kigali, Rwanda. Starting 2011 as a Neo soul singer, she has been doing live shows in different places and spaces in Kigali also collaborating with different bands and musicians based in Kigali/Rwanda, as well as touring artists and performers. From 2018, she is a self-taught music producer, specifically exploring experimental music/electronic/deepTechno, Spiritual drum patterns and is also a dj. She is currently experimenting with visual art, and has directed 3 audio visuals, one which she exhibited in her very first solo art exhibition in Novembre numerique. In 2021, the movie in which she is the lead actress, Neptune frost, debuted in festival de cannes in France and continued its journey in different film festivals such as the toronto film festival, New york film festival and in 2022, Sundance film festival and miami film festival to name a few. She then won an award for the fiff in Namur for prix d’agnes for the movie Neptune frost. She has been invited to perform for the Biennale de Dakar for the 23rd of may 2022 and in which she also played with the Nyege Nyege collective. Later on in June, she was invited to play during la fete de la musique in Paris. She continues to produce music and audio visuals and is a member of disco titties. She is currently working on the fragma project which is an audio visual experience all produced in Rwanda. Links: ASTAN KA, Germany, artistic performer, singer, dancer, actress, model, event curator: Born in France and travelling regularly to Mali since the age of 3, Astan grew up surrounded by black and white, which allowed her to never encounter identity problems and leads her to consider herself today as a "child of reconciliation". She combines different musical genres, from jazz to rock to afro-techno to hip-hop, to illustrate her mostly experimental universe. She is also the lead singer of the band Asphalt Djelis, which mixes ancient and futuristic sounds. Her songs are about life, love, friendship, protest and intellectual rebellion, but also about growing up as a mixed-race woman and the importance of acquiring the right knowledge, as there is a lot that school doesn't teach us. Although much of her work is about glorifying the black woman, she still preaches a great message of universality. She started dancing at the age of 6 with ballet and then started modern jazz at the age of 11. Today, she expresses herself through all the dance influences she has encountered and tries to dance more "from the inside than the outside". She has appeared as an actress in music videos and commercials, mainly in Germany and France, and got a role in a musical in Berlin in 2019. In February 2021 she played a role on a new Amazon TV-show produced by Warner Bros Germany. She has been involved in many creative collaborations such as with Puma, Sevdaliza, the Hoodoo Musical in Berlin. Astan also curates events at the cultural centre Oyoun-Neu Denken in Berlin-Neukölln, which promotes migrant, queer, women and decolonising ideas. She is also a co-founder of Culture Supply and a member of Out Out Time Embassy, a multicultural group of curators who generate conversation and curiosity about art and culture in Berlin. Links: Show in Berlin: Visual Arts Projects:,,, EXOCÉ, Germany, artistic performer, dancer, visual artist, model Exocé is a multidisciplinary Afrocentric Artist. He mostly performs alone in improvisation and creation of stories or in the transmission of a language for other creators. His dance style is experimental storytelling. He considers himself as an Afropean because he was born in 1995 in Paris of Congolese parents, so he has a double culture. Marked by a story between two worlds, Exocé grows up in a very humble environment and understands very early on that through Art he can break all barriers and reach the sensitivity of the people around him. Thanks to his years of experience, Exocé confirms himself as a dancer (Krump / Hip-hop) with Afro/Contemporary influences and starts to develop his own body language. His dance is mostly based on improvisation, expressing the true self in the present moment. He is also a visual artist and has started a series of analog collages that he prints on fabric to create his first fashion concept called KASAPIO. He has collaborated with many artists like Patrice, Swift Guad, Katerinha, Sevdaliza, Stéphane Ashpool or Kelvyn Colt . His artistic universe is Afrocentric, a return to the African roots linking ancestrality and modernity within the diaspora. Links:

Eintritt: 10-18
Ort: MS Stubnitz | Kirchenpauerkai 26