Fr, 31.10.2008, 21:00 Uhr

Unüberhörbar: E l e m e n t s — A Phonographic Tour

Unüberhörbar: E l e m e n t s — A Phonographic Tour

Soundscapes fromBudhaditya Chattopadhyay (India) and Lasse-Marc Riek (Germany) An diesem Abend präsentiert sich das Frankfurter Label Grünrekorder mit mehrerern Projekten: E L E M E N T S The god of small things tells us to love smaller objects in this world.A piece of stone lying by the street, a yellow leaf after a late-springleaf-storm, a lone ant on the directionless wall trying to find hisfellows, an insect making vibration in her breathing, a drop of water onused floor, a car horn in a windy highway, creak of an unsure door…every such object talks of the elementary details of the life we liveby. We, the fallen angels try to connect ourselves to the place we leftand forever long to return, when we concentrate, observe, hear andlisten deeply to the sound of god through the objects around us, yes,just around us. E l e m e n t s is a tribute to our hearing abilities,to our endangered sense of loving minute, fragile sounding-souls waitingfor empathetic attention. 29.10.08 Berlin30.10.08 Dresden31.10.08 Hamburg07.11.08 Arhus >>>>Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India) budhaditya is an audio practitioner; he works with filmsound,phonography, soundscapes and field recording; also involved withrestoration, digital archiving and preservation of sound byhigh-definition transfer, critical noise reduction, sound qualityengineering and remastering; thus he maintains his association with oldmedia to find its reinterpretative value in the new media environment;his soundscapes involve found sound punctuated by artistic attention andaesthetic selection followed by digital manipulation; work with soundgenerally focuses on site specific audio essays, sound narratives andmixed media installations within the open framework of new media art;addresses issues like sound and environment, sound memory, auralanthropology, acoustic ecology and lost/endangered sounds; on a largercontext his audioworks wish to raise questions and formulate dialogueover the visual hegemony prevailing in media arts. Publications: M12,Gruenrekorder, SoundLAB Lasse-Marc Riek (Frankfurt) The work of Lasse-Marc Riek (1975, Bad Segeberg, Germany) is an assemblage of the most diverse styles and techniques. His interdisciplinary productions are shaped by elements of the fine arts, environmentalism, performance, sound-art and conceptual art. These productions are situated in a tight relationship with one another. They complement and enrich one another - just like human beings, created by nature, find themselves in an ongoing process of change and are part of the eternal becoming and fading.In the domain of soundscapes Riek’s focus rests on acoustic ecology and bio-acoustics by means of field recordings of both society and nature. His music, recorded with a microphone, is brought about by coincidence and the immediate presence of nature, society and animals. In his quest after the archaic sound Riek collaborates with scientists, ecologists and musicians. Riek works and lives with his family in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. https://www.lasse-marc-riek.de

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