Fr, 11.01.2008, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club mit ruth barberán,alfredo c. monteiro,lee patterson u.a.

Lee Patterson, heatworks (Manchester) Ruth Barberán, trompete (Barcelona) Alfredo Costa Monteiro, akkordeon (Barcelona) Heiner Metzger, soundtable +Nordzucker: Birgit Ulher, trompete Lars Scherzberg, saxofon Michael Maierhof, cello Lee Patterson Based in Prestwich (near Manchester) I've spent my time foraging for interesting sounds in my immediate surroundings, such as the sound of roadside railings played by passing cars or the secret languages of underwater insects and plants. I'm fascinated by the sound that exists as a kind of (exotic!?) substratum to the everyday world. Using contact mics or hydrophones, the more I investigate, the more the world opens up in front of my ears. Like many others before me, I've come to consider the world as an amazingly complex and varied generator of sound, one where hidden sonic treasures may exist within the most mundane or seemingly familiar of environments. Following on from Cages' 4'33", I've come to realise that both music and noise are entirely context specific and that music arises from a framework of specific listening. Alongside an array of invented sonic devices and processes, I've used some of this recorded material in solo improvisation and installation, as well as with a host of experimental and improvising musicians from around the globe. During summer 2006, I produced the radio show, Audio Sketchbook, for Resonance FM, London. Ongoing projects include an improvising trio with Rhodri Davies and David Toop, a duo with Graham Halliwell and a quartet with Angharad Davies, David Lacy and Paul Vogel. Ruth Barberán (trumpet and amplified or acoustic objects) Barcelona, 1966.Since her integration in /IBA/,/ col.lectiu d’improvisació/, in1999, she starts tofocus her work in free improvisation.Currently, she has two stable formations:*i treni inerti*, with Alfredo Costa Monteiroand*FAGES/BARBERÁN/COSTAMONTEIRO* with Ferran Fages and Alfredo Costa Monteiro. She has worked with a lot of musicians as it's normal in this kind of music but she also works whenever she can with Margarida García and Ivan Palacky. Alfredo Costa Monteiro*Porto (Portugal), 1964He lives and works in Barcelona since 1992.He finishes his studies in sculpture/multimedia at the fine art school of Paris in 1992.The same year, he moves to Barcelona.Since then, his work stands somewhere between visual arts, visual/sound poetry and sound.He has shown his visual and sound installations in individual and group exhibitions since 1995.From 1998 to 2007, he was member of */22a/*/, /an independent collective for contemporary art.From 2001 to 2007, he was member of */IBA col.lectiu d’improvisació/*/. /Since 2001, he’s been involved in many improvisation projects and has toured in Europe and Japan.He is currently member of the following formations:*Cremaster *(electro-acoustic duo)with Ferran Fages*i treni inerti* (acoustic duo)with Ruth Barberán*Neumática *(electro-acoustic duo)* *with Pablo RegaFages / Barberán / Costa Monteiro (acoustic trio)In sound poetry, he works with Leos Ator, writing and performing (words and sound)in portuguese, french and spanish.Since 2006, he’s been involved in two collaborations that have set up a new context in his work:- with label./m/, a collective from Lyon (France) which work is based on the convergence of different disciplines such as theatre, sound, video and happening.- with emile saar a theatre company from Marseille (France)*, *as an author, writing in french.

Ort: Blinzelbar