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Eardrops & Capsular 2xAmbient im Mikropol

Sleazy and A coloured Garden presents : for friends n luvaz *1 /w Eardrops & Capsular Drinks Music and Sunshine (or rain?!?!) open from 6pm -> 10pm (but u can hangout there in the garden as long as u want) beginn konzert 19h mit freundlicher unterstützung durch --------------eardrops Ambient from Copenhagen and Augsburg with long time scene companions Claus Poulsen & Sascha Stadlmeier`s anutha project. eardrops started on a sunny sunday evening in Augsburg with Claus Poulsen (Blind Man's Band / solo) and Sascha Stadlmeier (EMERGE / Bu.d.d.A.) improvising together, using zither, violin, electronics and field recordings. They concentrate on melodic and minimal soundscapes that classify as ambient, but with a droney, experimental edge, setting eardrops apart from the members' other musical projects. Eardrops builds images for the inner mind, taking the listener away from daily life into unknown territories. Although the music has a peaceful atmosphere at first glance, delicate layers in the deep evoke feelings of something dark and unsettling. studio: live: ------------------capsular Capsular, ein Projekt gegründet in 2010 von Mirko Hentrich, der auch unter dem Namen Spherical Disrupted und anderen im Bereich der elektronischen Musik aktiv ist. Capsular erzeugt mit Hilfe von Geräuschaufnahmen und kaskadierten Effekten mal leise, mal laute, aber immer dunkle und bedrohliche Klanglandschaften. Live werden diese von passenden Schwarz/Weiß-Filmen untermalt. Capsular gab es bereits viele Male live zu sehen und zu hören, u.a. beim Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Elektroanschlag und Schlagstrom Festival. (english) Capsular is a project founded in 2010 by Mirko Hentrich, who is also active in electronic music scene with other projects like Spherical Disrupted and more. Capsular produces quiet, loud, but always dark and menacing soundscapes by using field recordings and cascaded effects. Live this soundscapes are accompanied by adequate mono movies. Capsular had several live appearances including Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Elektroanschlag and Schlagstrom Festival. Releases: - Fatalism (MC, Format Noise, form-ta-08, 2020) - Exhibition (CD-R, Krater Recordings, KR05-006, 2018) - Derail (CD-R, Krater Recordings, KR05-003, 2014) - Magnetar (DL, Krater Recordings, KR00-003, 2010) Webseite Capsular: Facebook: Bandcamp:

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Ort: mikropol billhorner mühlenweg 13