Fr, 12.07.2024, 21:00 Uhr

BEEK w/ Carina Khorkhordina, Eric Bauer, Mark Vernon, Ronce

BEEK w/ Carina Khorkhordina, Eric Bauer, Mark Vernon, Ronce

Friday 12.07.24 21 Doors 22 Carina Khorkhordina / Eric Bauer 23 Mark Vernon 24 Ronce Two days in a row this time 🔥 Beginning with sharply focussing performances on Friday and culminating in a staggering night out dancing on Saturday. This evening gently scrutinizes the interplay between the human and the instrument as both performative bodies in its aural touchiness. Sound and voice become an augmented expression of the personal facing its surroundings, challenging not only ones listening patterns. Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist who works with found tapes and acousmatic presence. His work explores themes of magnetic memory, audio archaeology, voyeurism and nostalgia. His solo music projects have been published through labels including Kye, Glistening Examples, Flaming Pines, Misanthropic Agenda and Entr’acte. He co-runs and curates Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia. Carina Khorkhordina on trumpet and Eric Bauer on extended electronics are both autodidact musicians active in the field of improvised music. The duo started in early 2018 in Berlin and is exploring an extensive variety of possibilities, from transparency of small sounds and microscopic changes/disturbing silences to loudness and density. The duo has a complementing/oppositional setup of Eric's wide range of instruments — analog modular synthesizer, sampler, objects, elements of percussion and strings and Carina's trumpet on the other side. Their live performances are often characterized by an extensive use of space and movement. Blending predatory ASMR, field recordings and distorted frequencies, Ronce is a crude first hand experience of what it’s like to be a young woman constantly subjected to the eyes and the hands of men. The aim of this musical and performative project is to cause extreme uneasiness in the listener, frequently breaking the threshold of catharsis. BEEK Marschnerstraße 21 22081 Hamburg Supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.

Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21