Mi, 12.06.2024, 22:00 Uhr

blurred edges – BEEK


Nina Garcia Pluck that string in backwards. Nina Garcia dissects the electric guitar and advocates for segments of minimal gestures to fill in. Lingering newness and interrupted comparison serve as vivid demonstrations of the sonics which Nina amplifies. Since March 2023, Garcia has been touring her new solo work. Being involved in different constellations her projects are dense dedication of maximalism in focus while staying minimal. Wash Club The duo Wash Club from Brussels sets cornerstones along the acoustic map they unfold. Sequencing sounds that one might recognize from other contexts, they stroll through the passing of time, reminiscent of a new-age island with the trembles of industrial crunch.

Eintritt: 8.- bis 15.-
Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21