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blurred edges – Hörbar im Frappant: Don't Tell It & Familyunderground

Hörbar im Frappant: Don't Tell It & Familyunderground

Don't Tell It & Familyunderground Don't Tell It Guy Saldanha – Bass, Komposition Anne Wiemann – Querflöte, Bariton-Saxophon Hermann Süß – Trompete, Flügelhorn Christian Ribas – Gitarre Sylvia Franke – Percussion Björn Lücker – Schlagzeug Foto: Alice Lehmann Familyunderground FU is a trio of composer/artist Sara C. Czerny: Buchla synth, Nicolas F. Kauffmann: Guitar and Matt Saporito: Electronics  FU is a Copenhagen-based trio of improvisors and noisemakers. Founded by Sara Czerny and Nicolas Kauffmann in 2000 they are known for their innovative and unconventional approach to music, exploring the realms of sound-collage, immersive sound/light environments and composition/improvisation.  Family Underground's work delve deep into the crossroads of the cultural world and the immediate surroundings often using found objects and sounds.  The groups somewhat 24 years of existence has garnered a bagfull of releases through the International underground. With releases on the US labels as Bada Bing Records, Italian labels Laboratorio Palestro and Holidays records, American Tapes among many. also releasing music on thir own label Into the Lunar Night Recordings

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