Di, 12.03.2024, 13:00 Uhr

Somambulance - Nigth-Wandering/everst records

Somambulance - Nigth-Wandering/everst records

For more than a year, Somnambulance have been spinning sound threads of electronic guitars and bass-lines in an alchemical kind of manner, resulting in a somnambulistic structure, which will be released as CD by Bern label Everestrecords under the name of “Night-Wandering”. The striking Joy Divison bass-lines on the title-track are soon lost into dense droning – various atmospheres within this ten-track oeuvre mesh into each other. Mainly concentrating on noise-music in the past, the two Zurich residents Valentin Dietrich and Silvan Jeger reduced not only volume and pace, but won depth within their sounds. From their noise-music past they adopt the concept of music as something abstract and consecutive; something that spins on in the head of the listener – similarly to the comatose moment just before falling asleep, where the sense for temporal sequence is lost and the perception of reality is no longer possible nor necessary. Listen to “Night-Wandering” with closed eyes at home or take a stroll through the forest at night with your headphones on.

Eintritt: live stream oder 93.00 mhz, DAB+ 12C
Ort: FSK RADIO | Valentinskamp 34a (Zugang Speckstraße)