Do, 14.03.2024, 20:00 Uhr

BEEK w/ Lottie Sebes, Davide Luciani, Jiyoung Wi, Fleurop

BEEK w/ Lottie Sebes, Davide Luciani, Jiyoung Wi, Fleurop

The evening involves the destruction and recomposition of sonic narratives through the erratic processing and repurposing of sound machines and sources. 20:00 Fleurop (DJ) 21:00 Lottie Sebes (Live) 21:45 Davide Luciani (Live) 22:30 Jiyoung Wi (Live) 23:15 Fleurop (DJ) Lottie Sebes is a Berlin-based Australian sound artist, researcher and curator who works with installation, performance, sound and video. Veritas Ventriloquist is a performance and sound work which questions, transforms, and harnesses the historical entanglements of gender, voice and technology. At the core of this performance is the Veritas Machine – a noisy, dynamic, woman-machine interface made of dismantled and reforged sewing machines, re-envisioned as an instrument and vocal synthesiser. This instrument is a set, an apparatus and a relational system of technological components which have been predominantly used by women in history. @lottiesebes Davide Luciani is an electronic music composer, curator and artist based in Berlin. His practice spans from sound installations, electronic composition, multimedia installation, scultpure and visual arts. His works aims to explore connections among the field of aesthetic knowledge and sonic fictions navigating between affected reality and sonic materialism. @dav_luciani Jiyoung Wi is a writer and musician originally from Seoul currently based in The Hague. As an improvisational music performer, she delves into the nuances of the untrained body, pushing the boundaries where the linear flow of time is disrupted. She achieves this by wielding her 'instrument' in a non-canonical and raw manner, infusing her performances with a harsh yet captivating energy. Additionally, she employs electronic elements to accentuate and amplify this unconventional approach, creating an immersive sonic experience that defies traditional norms. She released her first EP ‘Accept all cookies’ from ENXPL, a joint series between labels Enmossed(US) and Psychic Liberation(DE) in 2024. @withestableadult Fleurop is a test tone expert and daffodil collector. In his dj-sets he pulps left-field pop, GDR Dada and the sounds of movie projectors into heart-shaped boxes. Florian Bräunlich is an artist, curator and dj hailing from under and over the ground. Since 2018 he is curating Papiripar - Festival for Pop, Art, Rotation with his friends Nika Son and Felix Kubin. @fleu_rop Supported by Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg.

Ort: BEEK | Marschnerstraße 21