Sa, 01.06.2024, 18:00 Uhr

Just Fa

I`m a Berlin based violinist and musician. My home town is Istanbul, I studied violin in Detmold/Germany, `Just Fa´ is my solo project and my heart work. In this project I focus on using acoustic violin, vocals, recently synthesizers and different elements to create my music. I record and compose my own samples and during the performance I combine the colours of East and West with contemporary elements in an improvisational and experimental approach. The resulting fusion can sometimes be unsettling, sometimes melancholic and evoke meditative states. I add different effects and rhythms to diversify the sounds produced by the melodies. Since this is a musical performance, the creative process is fed by my emotions, thoughts and excitement in that moment, so it cannot be replicated exactly and each stage experience is unique for me and the listener. Each performance is a variation, a premiere and another story. My aim is to awaken unexpressed and deeply felt emotions that have been silenced by the system we live in. There is no time to be found for yourself, for questioning deep loneliness and the existence. I want to create a 'safe space' for the listener to feel.

Ort: Galerie 21 | Vorwerkstraße 21