Di, 26.12.2023, 13:00 Uhr

die ganze platte: Vathres - Liturgy of Lacuna/Thanatosis

die ganze platte: Vathres - Liturgy of Lacuna/Thanatosis

Das label schreibt: "Based in Stockholm and active on the international scenes for alternative musics since 2009, keyboardist Alex Zethson is incessantly bringing a certain presence, coarseness and grace to each musical context he’s involved with. While maintaining a keen and distinctive voice of his own, he’s also a versatile musician with ability to contribute keyboard- centered material to a vast array of artistic expressions – whether he’s backing vocalists such as Mariam the Believer, weaving complex hypnotic textures with Goran Kajfes Tropiques, providing profound ostinatos, building harmonic structures, and bursting out as a soloist in large ensembles such as Fire! Orchestra and Angles. ..." Kontakt:

Eintritt: live stream oder 93.00 mhz, DAB+ 12C
Ort: FSK RADIO | Valentinskamp 34a (Zugang Speckstraße)