Mi, 14.10.2020, 19:00 Uhr

Tonlabor Improv.'1 John Hughes & Kris Kuldkepp

Tonlabor Improv.'1 John Hughes & Kris Kuldkepp

Live Stream - Free Improvisation in HAW Tonlabor 19:00 Free improvisation meets technology. Bassists Kris Kuldkepp and John Hughes will be playing in a studio equipped with virtual acoustics and motion-capture system. Being a “regular” concert, it is also part of Kris’s research on free improvisation and kinaesthetic agency of the performers. John Hughes is a double bassist, currently residing in Hamburg, Germany. John's musical interests and activities span a broad spectrum: composition, interpretation and the presentation of concerts for free improvisation, jazz, and contemporary music. His open-minded approach to music have provided him with opportunities to work with musicians from across the globe. John has helped many a traveling sound artist and musician find a platform to present their work in Hamburg and the vicinity. For his work presenting concerts in Hamburg, he was awarded the prize “Club Award best Veranstalter” in 2015. Kris Kuldkepp is a free improviser on double bass and live-electronics. She has performed at the international festivals such as LjudOLjud in Stockholm, Tallinn Music Week, St. Petersburg New Music Festival reMusic, QQ/Viljandi Art Festival. Currently, she is doing a doctorate at the Hamburg University of Applied Science on the topic of the free improviser in gesture-driven spatial sound. The research has led to free improvisational solo set-up pieces for double bass, multichannel live-electronics and video but also to collaborations with other art disciplines. Team Sound-Video-Licht: Yinjun Zhang, Melina Stephan, Viktoria Gureva, Marta Denker, Christopher Overkamp, Lennart Kraft, Stefan Troschka, Gerrit von Waldow, Taizhi Shao. Photo by Rene Jakobson Online with Facebook Live under FB event

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