Mi, 08.07.2020, 21:00 Uhr

Online Musicking – Ignaz Schick + Christoph Funabashi - sonopol livestream

Ignaz Schick + Christoph Funabashi - sonopol livestream

Sonopol#18: Ignaz Schick + Christoph Funabashi Networked Concert Livestream 8.7. - 21:00 CEST „Sonopol“ is going online for the second time: Connecting Berlin with Hamburg – turntablist Ignaz Schick and guitarist Christoph Funabashi - in a networked improv concert. Ignaz Schick Turntablist, sound artist, performer, composer, and visual artist. Instruments: saxophone, live-electronics, flutes, percussion, found objects.In his youth, he studied the saxophone and performed in free jazz and avant rock bands. At the same time, he was getting obsessed with multitrack tape machines, record players and effect boxes and he started experimenting with many different instruments and sound making devices.Since 1995 he lives & works in Berlin where he became an active and integral force of the so-called “Berlin Nouvelle Vague” and the blossoming “experimental” music scene. He has been also prolific as curator and runs the experimental music label, Zarek.In parallel to his experimental music and performance practice he has been making sound installations, experimental objects, visual collages, text scores, concrete poetry, graphic scores, and drawings. Since 2012 he focusses on conceptual composition and experimental radio pieces. Christoph Funabashi as a teenager christoph funabashi (*1974) got enthusiastic about rock guitar and the world of contemporary music. in the nineties he played with the indie rock bands scare your girl, ölkrise ’73 and nelson and studied classical guitar, popular music and composition at the arnhem institute for the arts and the dutch messiaen academy. after moving to berlin in 2004 he mainly played and wrote chamber music – often in connection with theatrical elements. he worked for the zeitgenössische oper berlin, the concert series unerhörte musik and saitenblicke, the international youth opera festival utrecht, the intersonanzen festival potsdam, the johannes gutenberg-university mainz and the theater görlitz and premiered works by martin daske, markus wettstein, torsten papenheim, margarete huber, ferdinand försch and other contemporary composers. since 2011 he lives in hamburg where he continues his work as guitarist/composer as well as guitar teacher. 2012 his complete recording of john zorn’s “the book of heads” was released by the label schraum. in recent years his focus shifted more and more towards free improvisation and he played in various ad-hoc-settings including korhan erel, gunnar lettow, thomas gerwin, axel haller, audrey chen, if bwana, phil durrant, andrea neumann, robert klammer, peter kastner, nicolas wiese, john hughes, rolf pifnitzka, felix mayer, dirk dhonau and others. current projects are the impro trio føm and a new quartet with heiner metzger, kristin kuldkepp and felix mayer focusing on graphical scores and conceptual works. Livestream Link: Thanks to „Hörbar“ + "Ausland" Painting: Leonid Kharlamov Ein Projekt des Online Musicking Call Mai / Juni 2020 des Verbands für aktuelle Musik Hamburg. Gefördert von der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg. Hamburg