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Christoph Funabashi + Izquierdo/Kuldkepp/Lewandowski/Mayer

Christoph Funabashi + Izquierdo/Kuldkepp/Lewandowski/Mayer

SOLO Christoph Funabashi - guitar + objects QUARTET Lorena Izquierdo - action poetry Kris Kuldkepp - double bass Aziz Lewandowski - cello Felix Mayer - trombone Christoph Funabashi as a teenager christoph funabashi (*1974) got enthusiastic about rock guitar and the world of contemporary music. in the nineties he played with the indie rock bands scare your girl, ölkrise ’73 and nelson and studied classical guitar, popular music and composition at the arnhem institute for the arts and the dutch messiaen academy. after moving to berlin in 2004 he mainly played and wrote chamber music – often in connection with theatrical elements. he worked for the zeitgenössische oper berlin, the concert series unerhörte musik and saitenblicke, the international youth opera festival utrecht, the intersonanzen festival potsdam, the johannes gutenberg-university mainz and the theater görlitz and premiered works by martin daske, markus wettstein, margarete huber, torsten papenheim and other contemporary composers. together with the garagenoper kollektiv he developed interdisciplinary works between new music, contemporary jazz and dance theater and he played with the ensemble xenon and the electric guitar quartet e-werk. since 2011 he lives in hamburg where he continues his work as guitarist/composer as well as guitar teacher. 2012 his complete recording of john zorn’s the book of heads was released by the berlin label schraum. in the past years his focus shifted more and more towards improvisation and he played in ad-hoc-ensembles with korhan erel, gunnar lettow, thomas gerwin, axel haller, audrey chen, if bwana, phil durrant, andrea neumann, robert klammer, peter kastner, nicolas wiese, felix mayer, john hughes, rolf pifnitzka and others. current projects are the acoustic guitar duo whisper/whistle, the impro trio føm and a new quartet with felix mayer, kristin kuldkepp and heiner metzger focusing on graphical scores and conceptual work. Lorena Izquierdo is a Valencian performance artist, vocalist and poet. She holds a bachelor ?s degree in Philosophy and History of Art, trained in butoh dance, contact improvisation and free movement. She studied cello, photography and performance art. In her pieces, she explores diverse concepts through the body, poetry, sound, space and everyday objects, either solo, duo or as a part of collectives. She also investigates theoretically about experimental art. Her search is for to get away from narrativity and homogenous discourse, creating a dissent through the use in the work in progress of the search for the idea through experience, intuition and reaction, relating all this through the relational anarchy in all the elements that appear in the action: body, voice, words and objects, treated as one same material with different potencies. The collaboration with musicians in different formations is something that is developing in depth during these last years. She has played with Marie Takahashi , Yuko Kaseki, Hui-Chun Lin, Natsuko Tezuka, and wituh Opera Maleta, a PostFluxus group that investigates, from the union of poetic action, experimental music and moviment. In parallel with their artistic productions, she directs the independent platform Dialeg Obert, from where they carry out the management and curatorship of various cultural projects such as the international training program FormaTEM , offered from the Teatre Musical of Valencia or the Days of Action Art, annual meeting that brings together different professionals of the performance in Spain. Among her most recent projects is „Transilvanya Movimientos Post Morten“, a laboratory of creation and national research that investigates the subversion of the dialog between body and sound artistic material. She currently has her residency in Berlin where she is active both, playing and organizing events. Kris Kuldkepp is an Estonian free improviser on double bass and live-electronics. She has performed at the international festivals such as LjudOLjud in Stockholm, Tallinn Music Week, St. Petersburg New Music Festival reMusic, QQ/Viljandi Art Festival. Currently, she is doing a doctorate at the Hamburg University of Applied Science on the topic of the free improviser in gesture-driven spatial sound. The research has led to free improvisational solo set-up pieces for double bass, multichannel live-electronics and video but also to collaborations with other art disciplines. Aziz Lewandowski (1987 Berlin): Composer, cellist and pianist. Studied composition at the UdK Berlin with Daniel Ott and Iris ter Schiphorst. A composer of chamber music ensembles, he has a particular interest in the meeting points of improvised and composed experimental music. As an interpreter of both his own and others compositions he explores the possibilities of these different spheres. Compositions were listed, amongst others, at Randspiele Zepernick, Klangwerkstatt Berlin, in the concert series "" and "Additives". As a cellist and composer he was involved in several projects sponsored by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin, such as the dance project "Pacifico: desplazamiento" premiered in March 2018 Hamburg based trombonist Felix Mayer (1990)  has been playing improvised music in bands, collectives and ad-hoc groups since 2011. Recent projects include the international composer-performer-collective „Noiseretreat“, a quartet focusing on graphical scores with Kristin Kuldkepp, Heiner Metzger and Christoph Funabashi, as well as the interdisciplinary performance project „Everybody Birthdays“ with Roland Wendling and Matthew Rogers, which works on the edges of improvised music, performance and dance. Concerts amongst others with Simone Weißenfels, Käthe Kruse („Die tödliche Doris“), Ignaz Schick, Rafael Toral, Graham Dunning, Rolf Pifnitzka, Dirk Achim Dhonau and John Hughes Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch den VAMH

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