Sa, 18.01.2020, 20:00 Uhr

klub katarakt 15

klub katarakt 15

20:00 New compositions and experimental films of the katarakt network 00:00 Halma 01:00 Sutsche #5 The Long Night originated from a concert format developed in the 1990s by the composers’ collective katarakt. The concept is simple but holds new surprises every year, as the festival presents for the most part premieres of the local Hamburg scene as well as international guests in all three halls. The stylistic range is wide, composed scores are standing next to electronics and improvisation. In 2020 we also continue our collaboration with the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg (Short Film Agency Hamburg) and will show latest international experimental short films during the program. Compositions, films, improvisations, audiovisual art and performances by and with: Ernst Bechert, Moxi Beidenegl, Josephin Böttger, Gregory Büttner, Emol, Robert Engelbrecht, Jan Feddersen, Guitar Ensemble of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Philipp Krebs, Michael Maierhof, Felix Mayer, Heiner Metzger, Thomas Moore, Nelly Boyd, Johann Popp, Ignaz Schick, Hans Schüttler, Jonathan Shapiro, Malena Szlam, Simon Whetham, André Wittmann … tbc As a special part of the programme we are presenting the German premiere of Zonen 6 by Hamburg-based composer Michael Maierhof. 17 acoustic guitars play unamplified, producing very loud music… by way of sponge cloths, plastic cups, and a nylon string knotted to the guitar as a seventh string. The musicians are seated around the audience, producing a sound ranging from subtle whistling trebles to deep, fat noise clouds with an undertow you cannot easily evade. Performing is the Guitar Ensemble of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp under direction of Thomas Moore. In addition, Hamburg-based slowcore band Halma (consisting of Thorsten Carstens, Andreas Voß, Fiona McKenzie and Gundi Voigt) will play a set especially developed for klub katarakt. Founded in 1999 with a classic rock instrumentation, Halma have soon dissociated themselves from conventional song structures to follow ways inspired by electronica, transferring mechanisms of electronic music to an analogue band set-up. The closing party will be deejayed for the fifth time after 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019 by the Hamburg trio Sutsche, consisting of the DJs akaak, Martin Moritz and Gurss Von Dred. Since 2008 they are playing their techno and house maxis too slow, in 33 instead of 45 rpm, giving deceleration a new face.

Ort: Kampnagel | Jarrestraße 20