Mi, 15.01.2020, 20:00 Uhr

klub katarakt 15

klub katarakt 15

Opening 20:00 Passage – Concert installation for a strolling audience in three halls In its opening concerts klub katarakt explores new forms of presenting experimental music. We are continuing our work concerning collective and autonomous music-making in large groups. The audience is able to move through different spaces and soundscapes to explore a a constantly changing sound and visual installation. In the course of that, each of the visitors has a different, singular experience. They are passing through different processes of perception, of hearing and seeing. Music and visuals are revealing to the individual stroller totally different imaginary, musical and audiovisual spaces. The passage, the moment of transition and crossing over, passing in itself, is the theme. Part of the passage is also strolling, observing, reflecting, and stepping out of one’s own time. The goal is not aimlessness but rather openness, attentiveness, and curiosity. Strolling can also be translated as “moving leisurely in an animated environment”. Slowing down, regaining one’s own time and pace – but in company! With many Hamburg musicians, composers, and artists like the electronic artists Nika Son, F#X and Thomas Leboeg, instrumentalists like violinists Lisa Lammel and Desheng Chen joined by viola player Lucas Schwengebecher und cellist Michael Heupel forming a quartet, percussionists Jonathan Shapiro, André Wittmann and Fiona McKenzie, pianist Daria Iossifova, singer and viola player Marcia Lemke-Kern and bassist John Hughes as well as the ensemble Nelly Boyd and the Harvestehuder Kammerchor under the direction of Edzard Burchards. Visual artist Josephin Böttger will develop a special video installation for all three halls.

Ort: Kampnagel | Jarrestraße 20