Fr, 10.05.2019, 20:00 Uhr

Suso Saiz (Live), Ubaldo (Live) + DJs – Lazy Duo Buho Sessions #32

Suso Saiz (Music From Memory) The Spanish musician Suso Saiz comes to present his new album „Nothing is Objective“. He is considered one of the Spanish pioneers of experimental music (between avant-garde and new age) and wrote music history in the early eighties as a solo artist and in collaboratory projects like Orquesta De Las Nubes, Finis Africae, Mecanica Popular and Mu?sica Espora?dica. On this night he will transport us into his environmental sound landscapes. --- Ubaldo (Boira Discos) The Spanish multi-instrumentalist, based in Brussels, will perform his project that moves on the ground of experimental, ambient and improvisation. Trembling atmospheres with touches of light and noise. DJs TUSSN (GOLDEN PUDEL/DE) PEDRO D. (BCOSOF/ES) SAVERIO (FUTURO/DE)

Eintritt: 8€
Ort: Frappant e.V. | Bodenstedtstraße 16 (Hinterhof)