So, 05.05.2019, 16:00 Uhr

Takkiduda JP, Re-Drum RUS, b'tong CH/S, 16h Matinee!

Sonntag Schute Noise Matinee presents: Takkiduda (JP) - live improvisation mit projektion The meaning of “Takkiduda” is the power of the universe’s love, which evolves and leads everything to happiness.We can just look forward and recognize that every single thing happening to us is happiness. We aim the coexistence with nature, civilization and machinery in a better balance.Our performance is absolute improvisation such as most primitive style. We make our sounds based on the animal instinct of the natural human beings.“Quruku” and “Ico” are imaginary performers, who are created by our programming. They record and reproduce sounds freely away from human intention. By joining them our music becomes more accidental and full of uncertainties.Not only the music, we display digital images also impromptu besides the sounds to make our performance more impressive.We try to create a work with the viewpoint of “experience of space”. We try to express with our performance the peaceful world filled of love with coexisting nature, civilization and machinery. - - b°tong (CH/S) - hostile soundscapes Hostile soundscapes, noisy tectonics, drones and tonesSwiss/Swedish soundscape artist Chris Sigdell (formerly of German industrial group Ni?) melts the boundaries between ambient electronics and musique concréte. Since the 2005 inception of his solo project B°TONG, he has toured in 24 countries, performed at such diverse and renown festivals as Audio Art Festival (PL), Bruitisme (F), Kildemose Festivalen (DK), Lab30 (D), Les Digitales (CH), Norberg Festivalen (S), PNEM Sound Art Festival (NL), Shift (CH), Støy På Landet (N), Temple Of Silence (PL), all the while releasing acclaimed albums on genre-specific labels like Auf Abwegen, Drone Records, Reverse Alignment, Silken Tofu or Zoharum.Besides performing with B°TONG, Chris composed and plays live the soundtrack to Vertikal - a contemporary performance piece by circus-artist Finn Jagd Andersen (Zirkus Gonzo), directed by Delia Dahinden. In a more conventional musical field he is also known as the bassist and singer in psyche-doom band the Leaden Fumes (ex-Phased). Chris is also to be seen in the well-known Swiss television series Der Bestatter - the episode: Spiel mit dem Feuer features him as the guitarist in a live band playing one of his own real songs… - - Re-Drum (RUS) - ambient Re-Drum is a project of Pavel Aleshin, experimental musician from Russia. He uses field recordings and found sounds, his own voice, acoustic instruments and non-musical objects to create a living environment, oscillating from warm calmness to ritualistic depths. During past years Re-Drum played a numerous amount of gigs all over Europe. - - Come by early (16:00!) anD do not leave before the the sounD is really over! spater am abend gibs dann noch das polnisch bass/drums frickel duo przepych. Ein Tritt, SpenDe, Bier lecker, Sonne scheint. Auch am nächsten Tag.

Eintritt: Spende
Ort: Schute | Industriestrasse 125-131