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Das synthetische Mischgewebe / Jetzmann

Das synthetische Mischgewebe / Jetzmann Das synthetische Mischgewebe After having went through compositions based on concrete sounds, (in arm reach) field recordings and the use of analogsynthesizers, the group works since long time now with assemblages derived from ordinary objects brought into motion by different types of electric motors, magnets, air and heat and occasional manual manipulation of the objects themselves,capturing and amplifying their sounds and project them on customized speakers, before the distribution on the sound system addressed to the audience. In concerts, all sounds are produced, captured and amplified directly (basically making use of objects that aren't meant primary to produce musical sounds : mixers, shavers, can openers and other battery powered things such as sewing machines, wires, strings, chords, alarm clocks, mechanical toys, aquarium and fountain pumps, spray cans, etc.). In these concerts the listeningsituation alternates between the sounds produced and amplified by acoustic means, those amplified through a multitude ofsmall sound system that aren't to be considered "high-fi" in close proximity to the performers and at least the public amplification with the principal sound system, in preference a cross of a doubled stereo setting.The listening situations created by these means are as particular as the sound world of the compositions of complexramifications, non periodic intervals and pointillist hit and run sounds themselves. The audience can walk as pleased aroundthe performers who face each other. One passes in often quick successions from an acoustic, unamplified sound, to a moredomestic type, to a large ensemble of customized loudspeakers placed at different points in the space (kind of electric chambermusic) towards a more traditional concert situation from the four corners of the space in - between which the audience walks along.Playing on the edge between different disciplines, the audience is invited to discover a universe on the crossway of concert(between electro - acoustic and live musique concrète), sound installation (with several autonomous devices of precarious stability on which intervene the musicians), performance and even exhibition (by way of accumulated, heteroclite objects overwhelming the space). The visual appearance is for each of the concerts as important as the music itself. Jetzmann Audio: Texturen, metabolistische Rhythmusstörungen Text: Spammodifikationen Jetzmann ist zusammen mit Asmus Tietchens und TBCModerator bei Radio Gagarin (FSK Hamburg), dem Fachmagazin für musikalisch Randständiges. Beim gleichen Sender verantwortet er die wöchentliche Sendung AUSFLUG. Jetzmann komponiert und produziert Bühnenmusik für Modernen Tanz und Sprechtheater, u.a. für Jenny Beyer, Begüm Erciyas, Emilie Girardin Dobosiewicz und Josep Caballero García. Letzte Premiere war am 22. Juni 2018 mit dem Stück HARD CORES IN SOFT SHELLS (Gloria Hoeckner), uraufgeführt auf Kampnagel. Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen: Im September 2018 auf dem Waschzwang-aktiv-Sampler als USB-Stick im Klostein. AUSFLUG: jeden Mo, 23 -24 Uhr, auf FSK Hamburg (FM: 93,0 MHz Antenne, auf 101,4 MHz im Kabel) nachzuhören auf: Wiederholung am Dienstag VormittagRADIO GAGARIN: jeden 4. Fr., 20 -22 Uhr, auf FSK Hamburg (FM: 93,0 MHz Antenne, auf 101,4 MHz im Kabel)nachzuhören auf:

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