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O Yuki Conjugate

O Yuki Conjugate

O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) formed in Nottingham, England, in 1982 as part ofthe post punk DIY scene. At the time of writing they have been in existence for36 years, periodically going into hibernation to lead ‘normal’ lives away frommusic making. Currently in their fourth incarnation (centred around originalmembers Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme) OYC have released ten albumsand retrospectives that together have earned them literally hundreds ofpounds. Originally inspired by Cabaret Voltaire, Durutti Column and Jon Hassell, OYCestablished their sound during the 80s with classic albums like Scene inMirage and Into Dark Water. During the 90s, releases such as Peyote andEquator helped OYC gain recognition in Europe and the US before theydisappeared back into hibernation for a decade. Their music has been described as post-industrial, cold wave, dark ambient,tribal ambient, fourth world and so on; the band themselves currently preferthe term ‘dirty ambient’. They also describe themselves as the 'missing linkbetween punk and ambient’, reflecting their outsider attitude and DIY ethic. Today OYC are enjoying a resurgence of interest in their work. UK labelEmotional Rescue is reissuing a series of early albums, and the band haveplayed more shows in the last two years than in the previous 20, largely inmainland Europe. A new tour of Germany and Scandinavia is planned forApril, as well as dates in Portugal and Greece. Their live set includes backingvisuals created by filmmaker Hulme that presents a dream-like narrativeclosely tied to their music.

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