Sa, 24.11.2018, 20:00 Uhr

ZRN (Aarhus, DK) / David Wallraf (HH) / Hye-Eun Kim (HH) // Film: Rosh Zeeba / DJ: Fleurop & Louise

ZRN (Aarhus, DK) / David Wallraf (HH) / Hye-Eun Kim (HH) // Film: Rosh Zeeba / DJ: Fleurop & Louise

Live: ZRN / David Wallraf / Hye-Eun Kim // Film: Rosh Zeeba // DJ: Fleurop & Louise Following the release of their EP "Full Body Mirror" Oct 25 the ambient/doom/noise-duo ZRN from Aarhus will tour Serbia and the Balkans. We are very happy to welcome ZRN in Gängeviertel when they pass by Hamburg. ZRN (formerly Zeroine) performs noisy ambient doom with melancholic low-core elements. Equipped with two guitars, a vast array of effect pedals, drum machines and synth modules, the band's live performance sees the bands weave in solid tracks and improvisational elements through extreme noise infernos and beautiful, droned-out ambient landscapes._____ ZRN is the work of Stine S. Beck and Christian Sinding Søndergaard (Tales of Murder and Dust). Stine is the main founder of Across the Floor who organized the festival "Convention #1: Sounding Gender" in Aarhus in August this year._____ HYE-EUN KIM who currently studies at the HfbK in Hamburg combines her classical music training with freeform improvisations and repetitive loops to create a spiritual synthesis - a journey between past, present and future - exploring references like music concrete, avant-garde, new-age and ambient music._____ DAVID WALLRAF is a Hamburg-based noise artist, besides solo and collaborative works (mainly with the duo HSV) he’s teaching at HfbK and currently working of his PhD-theses "Noise and the Limits of Hearing" and curating the "Noisexistance" festival. FILMSCREENING: ROSH ZEEBA is in iranian-born film- and performance artist currently based in Hamburg. She recently graduated from HfbK and will screen her latest film, which takes place in a surreal nebulous scenery following a female character in a state of transition. _____ DJ: FLEUROP (Kammerpop/Papiripar) & LOUISE will create a poppy noisy soundtrack for a fictional funeral of a world of spiral headless teenage depressions and nations of disaster. Smoking outside. Unterstützt vom - Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg

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Ort: Gängeviertel | Caffamacherreihe / Ecke Valentinskamp