Mo, 12.02.2018, 21:00 Uhr

Next Time // SCHLUSS (Sky Walking)

Next Time // SCHLUSS (Sky Walking)

NEXT TIME SCHLUSS (Sky Walking) Achtung: Schluss spielt zwei Sets um 22Uhr und um 23Uhr !! From the circles of Hamburg?s Golden Pudel Club the duo Schluss presents their debut album ,28, on Sky Walking. Eric Falconnier and Joachim Schuetz join another adventure into Spontaneous Music- free and intense, demanding and magical. A life dedicated to Noise, Experimental Music and Free Jazz, Eric Falconnier played in several formations such as Gebrochene Beine who appeared with the most notable piece on the previous Sky Walking compilation. Joachim Sch?tz is known for his collaborations with Ellen Fullman, Konrad Sprenger, Arnold Dreyblatt and Samara Lubelsky to only name a few. Schuetz is also part of the Metabolismus collective. With their dynamic, fragile and highly surprising Live sets and recordings, Schluss are on the path to decline expectations and burst conventions. djs/ Ratkat und Nikae

Eintritt: 3-5 Euro
Ort: Golden Pudel Club | St.Pauli Fischmarkt 27