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Frequenzgänge #69

Elena Kakaliagou – french horn Matias Guerra – el. guitar John Hughes – double bass Gunnar Lettow – prep. el. bass, electronics The Chilean multidisciplinary artist Matias Guerra and the french horn player Elena Kakaliagou from Greece, started their musical collaboration in the summer of 2014 at the “Hotel Pupik” residency in Austria. The unique approach to their instruments, electric guitar and french horn, creates a subtle and minimalistic sound, where the instrumental colors and individual tales merge to a level of non-definition. The musical character of the duo builds up with the use of electronics and extended techniques, inspired by various musical instruments and genres like classical music, jazz and folk. The two musicians create drones and soundscapes, free jazz and chaotic moments that lead through melodies and exact communication to a intensive and fine music performance, presented in concert and art spaces like “Uncool” CH and “Spektrum” DE. Matias Guerra, Born 1973 in Santiago, Chile has lived in Quito, London and Rome. Now resident in Milan. Besides his activity as visual artist he is deeply interested in electronic music and improvisation, playing guitar as main instrument. Information Technology expert, field in which he also works, he´s involved since 1990 as promoter and in the realization of cultural projects inherent to art, IT, communication, critique and social movements. He has collaborated with several associations as painter, organizer of promoter, always prioritizing collective and self-sustained work. Elena Margarita Kakaliagou, born in Greece, studied the french horn in Austria and Finland and lives since 2010 in Berlin. She is equally active in the contemporary classical music scene and in the free improvised music with ensembles like: Ensemble Linea/ FR, Oh-ton/ DE, united Berlin/ DE, Schallfeld/ AT, Zeitkratzer/ De. With her own ensembles Rank Ensemble/ FI, PARA/ AT, and Zinc& Copper/ DE she has released four albums. She has performed in festivals like Musica/ FR, Musica Nova/ FI, faithfull/ DE, Warshaw Autumn/ PL, Issue Project Room/NY, Untraschall/ DE, Maerz Musik/ DE, Impuls/ AT, Humanoise/ DE, ArtActs /AT, Kaleidophon/ AT ao. She has performed premiers with and by Phil Niblock, Simon Steen-Andersen, James Andean, C C Hennix, Dionysios Papanicolaou, Heinz Juhanni Hofmann, Daniel Ott and collabotares with great artists like Hilary Jeffery, Robin Hayward Reinhold Friedl, Ingrid Schmoliner, Thomas Stempkowski, Els Vandeweyer, Multiversal and many others. Recent releases: „Humanoise tutti“; „p.o.p-Ikebana“; „Nabelóse“; „Kraftwerk-Zeitkratzer“. John Hughes studierte Musik am Montgomery Community College in Rockville, Maryland. Er lebt seit 1998 in Hamburg. Er spielt mit der Gruppe Rocket No.9 Kompositionen von Sun Ra und im Trio Hughes / Scherzberg / Wiese elektro-akustische Improvisationen. Eine langjährige Zusammenarbeit besteht mit Lars Scherzberg und Jeff Arnal in der Formation Tripwire, sowie mit dem italienischen Pianisten Alberto Braida im Duo Mobile.Veröffentlichungen bei schraum, Oaksmus, Generate Records, creative sources, broken research, blue pearls music. Seit 2014 veranstalte er die Konzertreihe Multiphonics. Gunnar Lettow erweitert den Klang des E-Basses durch unterschiedliche Präparationen wie z.B. Spieße, Klammern und Pinsel sowie den Einsatz von Effektgeräten. Aktuelle Projekte die Duos mit Gary Rouzer (Alexandria, USA) und Korhan Erel (Laptop, Istanbul), sowie mit Robert Klammer (electronics, Hamburg). Er spielt regelmässig in ad-hoc-Besetzungen (u.a. mit Ernesto Rodrigues, Hermann Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Nicolas Wiese, Ofer Bymel). Seit 2010 organisiert die Konzertreihe Frequenzgänge für improvisierte und experimentelle Musik in Hamburg.VAMHmit freundlicher Unterstützung des VAMH (

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