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A.K.Klosowski plays the Kassetteninstrument

A.K.Klosowski plays the Kassetteninstrument

LIVE A.K.Klosowski plays the Kassetteninstrument! Kurze Einführung in den selbstgebauten Apparat mit einem Film von Axel Schäffler LIVE Helge Meyer Entschleunigungscollagen für ferne Welpen LIVE Nika Son srenroc ni sdnuos gnitceje sepat tapes ejecting sounds in corners + DJ Felix Kubinski DJ Schmerzzentrum ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// studio 45 Wendenstraße 45 B, 4. Stock 21 Uhr (20 Uhr Einlass) Eintritt: 3-5 € Solidaritätsspende für die Künstler. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A.K.Klosowski "... plays the Kassetteninstrument" (GR2035) Long before digital sampling was affordable for everyone, A.K.Klosowski invented his Kassetteninstrument, a custom-made music apparatus consisting of eight SONY-Walkmen combined with a mute/demute mechanism. The outputs of the instrument could be controlled both by hand and by an automatic trigger module. In addition, a drum computer and some effect machines were fed into the circuit. This technique allowed for very intuitive and simultaneous control over the analogue tape sources. A.K.Klosowski began performing with his Kassetteninstrument at different occasions in the early 1980s. When Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator (of the famous Düsseldorf synth band Der Plan) saw him play he suggested recording an album together which finally led to the critically acclaimed LP "Hometaping is killing music". However, the raw plunderphonic aspect of Klosowski's music, his rough and edgy rhythms, cut-up techniques and sparkling noise colours are much more present in his solo work which is featured here for the first time on Gagarin Records.

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Ort: Künstlerhaus Wendenstrasse | Wendenstraße 45