Do, 27.10.2016, 20:00 Uhr

Bruised by Noon (Brooklyn) + Albatre (PT/DE/NL)

Impro / Noise Rock / Jazz Einlass 20 Uhr Konzertbeginn 21 Uhr Eintritt 13€ (10€ VVK) BRUISED BY NOON: solo drum narration projectAs high concept as it may be in theory, Bruised by Noon is still a solo drum work, albeit one by an artist whoconsistently strives to expand the boundaries of his instrument. ALBATREAlbatre is a new experimental music trio operating from Rotterdam. Their music is a joyously harrowing display ofurgent bass & sax noise, skewed jazz elements, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts. Albatre can beseen as part of a burgeoning micro scene of artists highlighting the crossover of improv, noise rock and jazz currentlymade in Holland.https://albatremusic.wordpress.com

Eintritt: 13€ / vvk 10€