Do, 19.11.2015, 20:00 Uhr

The Gate

The Gate is Dan Peck (tuba and amplifier/effects, composition), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), and Brian Osborne (percussion). Based in New York, they have released 6 albums and completed 3 international tours since 2008. The music of The Gate is an amalgam of free jazz, ambient noise, and metal, reflecting the musical interests of the band. Spontaneous playing is combined with Peck's compositions and improvisational structures, blurring the distinction between form and content, creating a living sound-sculpture for the adventurous listener. The concept to have a bass-heavy band was born as an expression of love for low, muddy textures and as a reaction against the stereotypical horn-fronted ensemble. The tuba and bass deliberately get in each other's way, giving the illusion of dizzying polyrhythms and often elevating the percussion into a high melodic sensibility. The busier moments of a Gate concert are usually complemented by slow, grinding noise-scapes that utilize silence as a constructive element.

Eintritt: Spende
Ort: Atelierhaus23 | Am Veringhof 23