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stark bewölkt im April

stark bewölkt im April

Ilia Belorukov Kurt Liedwart alto saxophone, electronics long thin wire Gregory Büttner, computer Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, speaker, objects (St. Petersburg Moscow) They started with simple means: microtones, preparations and sinewaves, gradually and drastically changing their playing manner. The only thing remained unchanged: they still thoughtfully structure the sound material on macro- and microlevels. They included the work with space, computer and electronics generated noises, in situ field recordings, psychoacoustics and sound perception in time as well as silence.On the basis of these ideas they had an idea of realizing the project with a long thin wire, the concept of which was started by Alvin Lucier. They continue to work in the improvisational context, which Lucier quickly dropped doing, and try to develop interactive improvisational properties of the long thin wire. Kurt Liedwart plays a long thin wire stretched between two tables which he feeds with a sinewave through the amplifier. Natural vibrations of the wire are amplified by the magnet and contact microphones are installed on both ends of the wire which feed the sound to the PA. Thus using sinewaves of different amplitude and frequency the musician varies the natural sound of the wire. Ilia Belorukov moves in the space with his alto saxophone or moves in the space the sound of electronics and objects.Ilia and Kurt organize Teni Zvuka Festival where they collaborated with Radu Malfatti, Keith Rowe and Norbert Möslang. 2013 became a very productive year for them. They released “Obwod” on Copy For Your Records and “Vtoroi” on Mikroton Recordings. The same year Ilia and Kurt invited Keith Rowe to collaborate with them and during his stay in Russia they played concerts and made studio recordings. In 2014 Intonema released their trio album “Tri” and Mikroton Recordings put out their quartet album “Contour” which features also Alfredo Costa Monteiro. Kurt Liedwart (* 1977) is a musician currently based in Moscow, Russia. He works in experimental musical areas between improvised, electroacoustic and noise music. He usually works together with musicians with different backgrounds: from free improvisation, free jazz, metal to contemporary music. In his experimental approach to sound extraction he uses laptop, electronics, percussion and other instruments. He’s a founder of Mikroton Recordings ( and Laminal (, organizer of Mikroton Live Series concerts and Teni Zvuka festival (, one of the founders of Contemporary Music magazine ( and records solo and in various formations with Annette Krebs, Klaus Filip, Noid, Norbert Möslang, Keith Rowe, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Miguel A. Garcia, Xavier Lopez, Dmitry Krotevich, Nicola Ratti, Alberto Boccardi, Hannes Lingens, Pierre Borel, Radu Malfatti, Alexei Borisov, Alexei “Prokhor” Mostiev, Sergei Letov, Gosplan Trio, Ignaz Schick, Stefano Pilia, Rada Anchevskaya, Vladimir Anchevsky, Thomas Buckner, Ilia Belorukov, Andrey Lomakin, Edita Fyl, Oleg Makarov, Phil Raymond, Bruno Duplant, Pedro Chambel, Andrey Popovsky, Konstantin Sukhan and others. Played at various festivals: Abracadabra (Moscow), Noise & Fury 2008 (Moscow), XXII Festival Of Modern Art (Bryansk), Love Live Electronic Festival (Moscow), Ru.Noise 2009 (Kiev), Ad Libitum 4 Festival (Warsaw), Ruby Attack Festival (Moscow), Prepared Environments on Prepared Wednesdays 2010: Informal Tribute to John Cage (Moscow), Chaos & System Festival (Moscow), Prepared Environments on Prepared Wednesdays 2011 (Moscow), Poetronica 2010 (Moscow), Poetronica 2011 (Moscow), Teni Zvuka 2011 (Saint-Petersburg), Noise & Fury 2011 (Moscow), Alt+E Fest 2011 (Moscow), Prepared Environments 2012 (Moscow), Mikroton Live 1 (2013 Moscow, Yaroslavl, Saint-Petersburg), Teni Zvuka 2013 / Mikroton Live 2 (2013 Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), Prepared Environments 2013 (Moscow), Noise & Fury 2013 (Moscow, Yaroslavl, Saint-Petersburg), Teni Zvuka 2014 / Mikroton Live 3 (2014, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), Der blöde dritte Mittwoch (2014, Vienna), Mikroton Live 4 (Moscow), Mikroton Live 5 (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg). Current projects: trio with Keith Rowe and Ilia Belorukov, duo with Ilia Belorukov, Kurt Liedwart Quartet, duo with Alexei Borisov, duo with Oleg Makarov, Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra. Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the direction of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. He’s a member of different projects such as Wozzeck, Mars-96 and others. He collaborates with musicians who work in other genres (from hardcore and metal to academic contemporary music); with dancers and painters; with theater. Ilia practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone with objects, uses laptop, electric-guitar and other instruments. Also he is a founder of Intonema label ( Organizer of events in Russia, co-organizer of the Teni Zvuka festival in Saint-Petersburg, writer of Contemporary Music magazine ( Ilia had played with such musicians as Keith Rowe, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, David Stackenäs, Radu Malfatti, Lucio Capece, Birgit Ulher, Ignaz Schick, Jonas Kocher, Gaudenz Badrutt, Arturas Bumšteinas, Thomas Buckner, Jack Wright, Andrew Drury, Alexei Borisov, Kurt Liedwart and many others. Released his works on labels Mikroton (Russia), Copy For Your Records (USA), Ilse (USA), Intonema (Russia), QuasiPop (Ukraine), 1000fussler (Germany) and others. He participated in various festivals: SKIF (Saint-Petersburg) ; Budapest Spring Festival (Budapest); Noise & Fury (Moscow); Gogolfest (Kiev); Jauna Muzika (Vilnius & Klaipeda); Angelica (Bologna); Baba Fest (Rome); Altera Festival (Naples); Teni Zvuka (Saint-Petersburg); Jazz Bez (Lvov); John Cage Year (Lublin); Theses (Kemerovo); Helsinki City Festival (Helsinki) etc.

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