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Ausklagfestival Tag 2 / Bruno and Michel Are Smiling

Ausklagfestival Tag 2 / Bruno and Michel Are Smiling

Bruno & Michel are smiling and Skipperrr’s new album “C’ Mon!” was published by Hamburg based label Sozialistischer Plattenbau in October and is now available in many shops and online distributions.” Skipperrr and her colleague Bruno & Michel Are Smiling (Oliver Bulas) are back with their new LP “C’ Mon!”. The music of this duo is hard to compare with anything existing. Glaring hysteria with musical citation, trendy vocal hook lines, synthesiser chords and two voices that absolutely scream the lungs out of their throats; A mixture of deconstruction, radio play, experimental mash-up and madness. 
“Bruno & Michel are smiling creates thus entertainment music that remains stuck to today’s social conditions.” These are the words Bulas stated on his website. On the other hand, their music can be considered as ambitioned entertainment music that is a step ahead of their times.Collage techniques for Lyrics and music are the production basics of this six-year lasting collaboration – like for example in the fragmented piece “Bombardment of Lip glosses”.  Complex structures can also be found within the newest piece “Such Is Life In The Tropics”. This piece combines South American rhythms with screaming vocals. The two artists cite a Dadaist-like text by the Russian dissident poet Daniil Charms in the ballade “The Red-Haired Man”. The claim of the existence of a red-haired man is being withdrawn here limb by limb and organ by organ until nothing remains and as a result “in fact it's better that we don't say any more about him.” With these aesthetics of fragmentation, which can be seen as a comment about today’s social conditions, one is actually still able to scare his neighbor.The London-based label Adaadat released their first single (“The Beach Of Ruined Spirits”) in May 2006. Preceding publications were on several compilations like Nanoloop 1.0 (2001). In 2003 the piece “Everyday body market” was presented in an exhibition of the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris. 
The new record “C’ Mon!” presents an overview of works from the years 2003 till 2007 on the A-side. And on the B-side artists like DJ Scotch Egg, Germlin and Mense Reents contributed their remixes to the record. Websites:https://www.bamas.org

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