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Ausklangfestival Tag 1 Katrin Achinger mit Krischa Weber

Ausklangfestival Tag 1 Katrin Achinger mit Krischa Weber

Katrin Achinger mit Krischa Weber (Berlin) Katrin Achinger founding member of the "Kastrierte Philosophen" in 1979. Singer/Songwriter, Bassplayer, guitarist
released 13 albums with the band and partner Matthias Arfmann between 1984 and 1999.We have joint a new Flight Crew and are ready for take-off:
The actual Flight Crew consists just of my co-pilot Krischa Weber and myself. We are playing material of the album "Simple Song" and some more older songs.
Krischa Weber accompanies me on her cello.
She lives and works in Hamburg with different Ensembles, playing improvisedmusic, music for films and teaches.
On our CD-Player we bring along beats by Chezzy Wezar, Ali Busse, Marc Balance and others.
So let us take you on a flight so high, so high...
Best wishes and safe landing Please, book us under my facebook email.• katrin.achinger@facebook.comFor further information please contact my official website
last video on youtube - an excerpt of the movie Jonas in the Desert by Peter Sempel
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Music Katrin Achinger & the Flight Crew / Icaré
Fragile from the Album `Simple Song ́ v=50x8jIa9DTY&
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