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SEBASTIEN ROUX / GREG DAVIS Their love of sound brought them together. The Atlantic Ocean kept them apart. Until now… After over a year of internet exchanges of ideas and sounds, Parisian Sebastien Roux and Vermonter Greg Davis decided to put their love to the test. Combining their interests in psychedelic music, digitalprocessing, folk, sunshine pop, musique concrete, ethnic sounds, drones and field recordings, Sebastien (who works at the famed computer music institution IRCAM) and Greg (who holds twodegrees in music and composition) have created a dynamic musical journey full of joy and surprises.Whether it’s large rocks being thrown into a stream, Sebastien singing or Greg playing the double mijwiz, diverse sound worlds come together in this "surprise package”. Open it and enjoy! Born in 1977, Sebastien Roux is sound artist living in Paris. Since 2003, he has recorded for the experimental electronic labels 12k and apestaartje. In 2005, he was awarded for his piece « un grand ensemble » at Muse en circuit 6th international competitions of Radio Piece. His main collaborative projects includes Heller (with Eddie Ladoire, published by French labels n-rec and optical sound), works with 12k artist Sogar, and with Greg Davis (the duo cd called "paquet surprise” was released on carpark in October 2005). He has released a series of sound installations called wallpaper music. This work has been shown in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Bristol.after years of hip-hop groups, jazz combos, free improvisation, and experimental composition, greg moved toward the world of computer-based music in 1997. at depaul university in chicago, greg studied classical & jazz guitar alongside composition and jazz studies. In 1997, he started his own label, autumn records, to release his own music and the music of others. greg moved to boston in 1999 to pursue a master's degree in composition which he received in june 2001. he also independently immersed himself in the study of electronic music during this time. greg became an active performer on the boston music scene, playing many shows by himself and with don mennerich, as parallel. SINEBAGSinebag focusses on the combination of music and sound which can be mostly charcterized by a warm, analog ambience. The songs have a collage-like character, aiming at constructing fields rather than common song structures. Acoustic instruments (guitars, piano, voices, sounds) are used as well as synthetic elements which leads to a mixture of live recorded and compositional created passages. A central idea is to integrate fieldrecordings – longer recordings as ambient backings or concrete sounds like those when cooking in a kitchen.Ainebag is Alexander Schubert and lives in Leipzig, Germany. SEMUIN SEMUIN is an attempt to combine (de-) construction with diminished expression in a friendly and subtle manner. This is achieved by mixing computer-generated sounds, noise and fieldrecordingswith acoustic instruments. The use of strong beats has been deliberately avoided as they would dominate the tracks too much. person:SEMUIN is Jochen Briesen, who was born in Sept.1976 in Heidelberg, Germany, and lives in Berlin since 1998, where he studied musicology and philosophy. He is writing his dissertation in philosophy/ epistemology and is working as a musician on several projects with very different approaches. He also works for film- and theatre productions. set-up:The live-set-up consists of: Powerbook, 4- track-rec., steelstringguitar, kalimba, harmonium and some effects. Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: 21:45 Uhr

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