Mo, 31.03.2014, 00:00 Uhr

noctuidae //live: Gordon Ashworth (Orindal/PAN), live: #FX

noctuidae //live: Gordon Ashworth (Orindal/PAN), live: #FX

Gordon Ashworth has released countless solo recordings as Concern & Oscillating Innards, & is the vocalist & guitarist for Portland, OR black metal band Knelt Rote. S.T.L.A. is the first album that Gordon Ashworth has released under his own name, & it marks a major step forward in his musical development. S.T.L.A. marries the drone & musique concrete elements of Concern with traditional folk instrumentation, blending heart-rending banjo & piano melodies, raga-style acoustic guitar, & abstract field recordings into epic, psychedelic tape collages. S.T.L.A. is the strongest & most accessible release in Gordon Ashworth’s vast & varied discography."...His now released Album S.T.L.A. showcases Ashworth at his absolute best, pressing dense compositions through a unique prism that straddles the line between melodic and abstract. Elemental influences of folk music as well as musique concrete and acousmatic works are audible within the sprawling confines of S.T.L.A. Gordon Ashworth shows with S.T.L.A. that leaving Concern behind was the right decision. While the restraint of his previous work is still apparent, there's a newfound sense of freedom to push boundaries and explore the darkest corners of tape loop and acousmatic music. Turn off the lights and get lost inside." (Brad Rose) #FX is the drone/noise project of Hamburg producer F#X, who is one part of Black Sites. DJ: Nikae (Golden Pudel)

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Ort: Golden Pudel Club | St.Pauli Fischmarkt 27