Mo, 20.01.2014, 20:00 Uhr

Konzert Mark Knoop + Präsentation Matthew Shlomowitz

Konzert Mark Knoop + Präsentation Matthew Shlomowitz

20.1.2014 Theater im Zimmer 20:00 Konzert Mark Knoop 21:00 Präsentation Matthew Shlomowitz Veranstaltet vom VAMH in Kooperation mit der HfMT Hamburg. PRÄSENTATION - Positionen aktueller Musik. Präsentationen ist eine Vortragsreihe des VAMH zu verschiedenen Positionen aktueller Musik. Der Eintritt ist frei. Videos von den Präsentationen sind wenige Tage danach im Netz: Die Reihe „Präsentationen“ wird gefördert von der Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg. Mark Knoop London based pianist and conductor Mark Knoop is known for hisfearless performances and individual interpretations. He hascommissioned and premiered countless new works and worked with manyrespected composers, and also brings fresh approaches to the standardand 20th-century repertoire. He is currently Turner Sims Fellow at theUniversity of Southampton. Matthew Shlomowitz Matthew Shlomowitz is a composer of concert music and performance pieces. Raised in Adelaide, Australia he lives in London and is Lecturer in Composition at the University of Southampton. He also co-directs the Plus Minus ensemble with composer Joanna Bailie. He has composed works for groups such as asamisimasa, Calefax, Ensemble Offspring, EXAUDI vocal ensemble, Ives Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Quatuor Diotima, Speak Percussion and extended works for pianists Mark Knoop and Stephane Ginsburgh. Presentation: In this presentation, composer Matthew Shlomowitz will introduce different strands of his recent work - including the use of samples and theatrical elements - within the context of instrumental concert music. Concert Program: Peter Ablinger - *Piano and Record* (2012) *Piano and Record* brings together two strands of Ablinger’scompositional work: the challenge to hear what would normally beconsidered non-musical or noise as music, and the precise, althoughinevitably approximate, transcription of that noise for an instrument.Here Ablinger transcribes a blank vinyl record, with its scratches andimperfections, for piano. Matthew Shlomowitz – Popular Contexts, Volume 2 (2010) 1. Weird Uncle 2. See My Logic 3. Racing Cars Have Feelings Too 4. Stand Up for Skate Parks Popular Contexts is a series of pieces that investigate aspects of everyday and popular culture. Like Volume 1, this volume combines pre-recorded sounds with live instrumental music. The recordings consist of familiar sounds such as a rollercoaster ride, strummed guitar, electronic machine noises and New Year’s Eve celebrations. The instrumental music is also varied, made of melodies, chord progressions and textures that evoke various musical idioms. In this volume, the performer additionally speaks and enacts physical movements to further explore everyday and popular culture, as well as relationships between text, action, recorded sound and music. Popular Contexts, Volume 2 was written for Stephane Ginsburgh and commissioned by Centre Henri Pousseur.

Eintritt: frei
Ort: Theater im Zimmer, Alsterchaussee 30 20149 Hamburg