Mo, 25.02.2013, 20:00 Uhr

Jiku55 + Robert Engelbrecht

Jiku55 + Robert Engelbrecht

JIKU55 is psychedelic psychic noise / Doom dark core / duo project formed 2010. Members are Maria Jiku and Go Tsushima. Maria Jiku was born in Kyoto, Japan. She is sound artist and plays the synthesizer. She works and lives in Kyoto (Japan) and Berlin from August 2012. Currently her sound-work is focused in the breathing of voice improvisation, whips, spells and spiritual world. She performed Japan,France, Switzerland, Italy,Slovenia,Austria, Netherlands,Spain,Poland,Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium and Germany. Go Tsushima is an electric guitar improviser from Osaka, Japan.He focuses on primal and mind expanding sonic wave. He is organizing over 200 parties in Japan.He has performed in Japan, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Robert Engelbrecht ist Mitglied von Nelly Boyd und wird an diesem Abend ein Solo-Set mit Cello und Elektronik spielen.

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Ort: Vorwerkstift, Vorwerkstr. 21, 20357 Hamburg