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Frequenzgänge #26

Frequenzgänge #26

Jupi Bar, GängeviertelHome of easy creditTom Blancarte – doublebassLouise Jensen – saxSAVMija Milovic – Vocals, electronics, toys and keysLars Bech Pilgaard – Guitar, electronics, keysHome of easy credit: Bassist/composer Tom Blancarte grew up in Austin, Texas and later attended the University of North Texas in Denton. He was first inspired toThe Home of Easy Credit play music by listening to bands like Slayer and Black Sabbath, then discovered musicians like Evan Parker and Anthony Braxton later on. He moved to New York City in 2004, where continues to reside with his wife, saxophonist and composer Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen.Danish saxophonist/composer Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, based out of New York, has been an active performer in the improvised and experimental scene around the world for the past 9 years. She is best known for her work as a solo performer and performing with her ‘Spaced Out Ensembles,’ featuring her own idiosyncratic and sensitive compositions arranged for winds, brass and hyperactive rhythm section, her duo project with bassist and husband Tom Blancarte called the Home of Easy Credit, an improvising trio with Columbia-based electronic artist Damon Holzborn and Tom Blancarte, and a trio called Herbert Eckardt which plays her own freakish blend of pop tunes and improvisation, co-lead by herself and Italian drummer Luca Marini.Sav is a vocal/guitar duo which creates experimental improvised music that pushes the definitions of what is considered music, touching on the borders between sound-art and what is considered music. Playing primarily self-composed sound-scapes and songs combined with the beauty of true evergreens they create sounds of uncompromising intensity.Expressive, melodic guitar playing and theremin-like fragile vocals leads the listener through a sound universe which challenges the standard view of duo formations.The duo is in constant flux, changing identity with every concert. They move through a non-genre-land, improvising in different styles, moving between them on a whim. A variety of emotions, especially fear, run through the music, which can change at any moment.

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Ort: Gängeviertel | Caffamacherreihe / Ecke Valentinskamp