Mi, 15.08.2012, 21:30 Uhr

Stark Bewölkt: Johannes Bergmark

Stark Bewölkt: Johannes Bergmark

Einlass 21:00, Konzertbeginn 21:30! Diesmal zu Gast bei Stark Bewölkt:Johannes Bergmark (amplified objects) aus Stockholm. Solo, Duo und weitere Besetzungen mit Musikern aus Hamburg: Helge Meyer (analog synth, electronics) Heiner Metzger (Soundtable) Gregory Büttner (Computer, Lautsprecher, Lüfter, Objekte) Johannes Bergmark is a sound and performance artist, composer, pianotechnician, skeptic and surrealist. He plays improvised music using soundobjects and invented and unusual instruments. At present, his maininstrument is amplified objects using the Platforms system. Sometimes heuses the musical saw, Micro Moog, acoustic feedback objects etc. He alsomakes sound sculptures, sound poetry and electroacoustic pieces as well asproduces critical writing on a number of subjects. Prefers the experimentalliving inventive curious rebellious poetic and trashy to high-browofficially established "quality", if that means politically correctbourgeois culture under the realm of commercial repressive tolerance.

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Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5