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Frequenzgänge #6

Frequenzgänge #6

Ezramo – POETOPHONIERinus van Alebeek – TapesALESSANDRA ERAMO aka EZRAMO is a sound artist, composer, performer. She lives and works in Berlin.Her research is focused upon the hidden archaic memory in music and upon the writing in its multiple forms. Working with concrète sounds, that are always in relationship with space and territory, means for her exploring her own history and identity intended as part of a collective memory.Her works include compositions, videos, music for theatre and butoh-dance, live performances and installation in interactive and site-specific forms. Her main instrument is the voice, that she radically extends in its technical possibilities and combines with acoustic instruments like prepared zither, piano, percussion, theremin and with field recordings.Trained since very young in classical singing and piano, Ezramo studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milan (B.A. cum laude) and in Stuttgart. In 2006 she holds a Master Degree in Performance Art at the Faculty of Philosophy of the State University Ca’ Foscari Venice.Furthermore she has been curating festivals and series of experimental music (Atelier Serious Entertainment, Max.Experimentell, S’Block Festival Stuttgart).Since 2010 she’s co-founder of the vinyl & sound art production Corvo Records, taking part to the new artistic generation of the Berlin music scene.In 2011 she has been invited from the Italian Culture Institute to exhibit at Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo.Besides her project-oriented works, since 2005 she is involved in an intense concert activity as soloist and in collaboration with renowned musicians, sound artists and dancers, like: Wendelin Büchler – Domenico Sciajno Xabier Iriondo – Edoardo Marraffa – LaDonna Smith – Christian Wolfarth – Fred Frith Gino Robair – Liz Allbee – David Fenech – Luca Venitucci – Simone Rueß Stefano Ferrian – Ulrike Kley – Oliver Prechtl – Anna Barth – Jon Raskin Stevko Busch – Hannes Lingens – Klaus Janek – Axel Haller – Torsten Papenheim Wiracki – Matthias Schneider Hollek - Alexandre Kittel – AMP2 – Paul Hubweber Phillip Greenlief – Shudder Trio – Melissa MelpignanoPOETOPHONIE is a composition that investigates the relationship between concrète soundsand poetry, revealing the interaction between people, sounds, real and imaginary places.The artist will perform her composition of voices and field recordings that she made inGermany and in Italy on trains, in crowded streets, parks, desolate squares, bars,hospitals. The composition includes also recordings from the „Settimana Santa“ (EasterProcession) of the south italian city of Castellaneta, in particular the sounds of anancient wooden instrument called „troccola“, which is played by children during theprocession. Sounds, that belong to a “vanishing” present.https://www.ezramo.comRinus van Alebeek (1956, Heerlen, The Netherlands) is a writer who uses his (environmental) recordings on tape to narrate a story. During the nineties he published two books (pseud. Philip Markus) in his native country. The first novel (De Weg naar Oude God) won the prestigious Geert Jan Lubberhuizen Prijs, a yearly award for the best first novel.An accidental encounter with electronic and avant garde music in the year 2000 at the Lem festival in Barcelona, and an introduction to the cassette culture gave way to his further artistic development.In the first decade of this century van Alebeek made a thorough research on how to make or manipulate recordings. Thanks to a great number of concerts, sometimes an average of ten in a month, he became very confident in mixing his recordings to a result of which people say it is ‘ between noise and pure poetry.’“Rinus Van Alebeek is a peculiar observer of reality and an artist who instinctively transforms lo-fi tape recordings into evocative sound poems, being able to create a “détachement” towards the used media, which is a characteristic of the most original artists.”Luis Costa, president of Binaural and Associação Cultural de Nodar,

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