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TimTimTonTraeger lädt ein:

TimTimTonTraeger lädt ein:

FÄLLT LEIDER AUS. wird im herbst nachgeholt Der Booker schrieb: "Dear Promoters, I hope everybody is feeling really well! I am coming with some bad bad news, this night I received a mail from Charles Hayward, unfortunately he has to cancel the whole tour, there is no possibility to make it happen for him, he got some familiar problems, and the best for him is to stay with his family now. I am really really sorry, I didnt know what to think this morning, cause the choice is charles, and I dont want to force him to go on a tour in his situation, at least he would play a bad show and the result would be shitty for everyone." Charles Hayward: ( London // this heat // massacre // camberwell...) Jazzlegende am Solo Barberos: (Liverpool//Syntie-Noise//Jazzcore//HipTrashHop) mit unterstützung vom vamh

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Ort: Rote Flora | Achidi-John-Platz 1 / Ex-Schulterblatt 71