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Frequenzgänge #5

Frequenzgänge #5

Secchia & D’hers – Free improvisation CompanyAntonino Secchia (Italy) – percussion, vibrafone, electronicsRuben D’Hers (Venezuela) – guitar and toys Duo Jassem Hindi / Gunnar LettowJassem Hindi, franco-lebanese born in 81 Works with lo-fi electro-acoustic material: diverted machines, metal scraps, amplified objects, contact mics, tapes, no-fi field recordings, no input mixing board. The sound textures he develops go from harsh noise to musique concrète depending on the project and the collaborators. Several projects with dancers, a photograph and video art. He works and has worked with: Toshihiro Koike. Michael Zerang. Mazen Kerbaj. Jakob Riis. Annette Krebs. Axel Dörner. Christine Sehnaoui, Mathias Forge Frederic Le Junter, Sharif Sehnaoui, Liz Allbee, Basile Ferriot, Pascal Battus, Mia Habib, Rani Nair. Member of the MILL collective (lebanon) and of the lebanese ensemble Al Moukhtabar.

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