Mi, 16.02.2011, 21:00 Uhr

Radio Gagarin Festival

MoHa! is a Norwegian somewhat loud music duo, like a breath of fresh fjord air.Since 2004, they have released a handful of records and singles.Sonic splatter, sharp blasts of savage composition, the remains of varied sources.Some dense futuristic music sourced from guitar/synth and drums.Clearly, the band can be described as “efficient”.MoHa! is A.S.H on guitar/keyboard and M.J.O on drumkit/SC3./////////////////////////////////////////////////// Pollard is a Berlin/ London based musician working with (potentially) mind altering obscure noise creations.He started making music in 2000 with his 3 piece band Cau_Cational Betreet  who built a small following by playing fucked up music in strange places like motorway bridges, shopping centres, quarries & church roofs etc.Since then, he has released a bunch of solo records on different labels such as Wrong Music, Adaadat, Twilight Luggage & his own Neigh%Music.He has toured extensively around Europe, South America & the Far East & has collaborated with many artists including Anla Courtis, Anal Garden, Bbblood, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, DJ Scotch Egg, MoHa!, Ove Naxx, Pokemachine, Torturing Nurse & more.Live shows are loud, destructive and thoroughly entertaining!"…drilling guttural splats and mic feedback spaz attacks causing eyeballs to fall out!"Hulk Dash, London 2009"REINER DEUTSCHMANN"Reiner Deutschmann macht interaktive Musik: Es existiert kein Thema, über das improvisiert wird, sondern die Musik entsteht augenblicklich – ein Dialog der Geräusche. Die Musiker formen klangliche Angebote, die sie einander machen, zu einem musikalisch homogenen Ereignis.Die Musiker:M. Stabenow/Feedbacks und Noise per Hifi EquipmentV.Havlik /E-Gitarre,moduliert/mutiert

Eintritt: 5 Euro
Ort: Rote Flora | Achidi-John-Platz 1 / Ex-Schulterblatt 71