Fr, 14.01.2011, 21:00 Uhr

Alles Noise: nichts für weiche ohren

Alles Noise: nichts für weiche ohren

Rovar 17 (Noise aus Ungarn) Monsieur Scary (Noise aus Leipzig) Naked as virgin Bee (Noise aus HH/Paris) Die 7.te Krawallerie (Noise aus Hamburg) The method of the Rovar17 audio collage technique: - first step: Creation. We create some artificial organisms. Because we haven?t got pure laboratory, and we can?t groom the test-tubes and instruments, the generated living beings are black-hearted. - second step: Sampling. We investigate the evil beings & make video and audio record of their behavior. Eventually, finds are presented live to the audience... .. Monsieur Scarymacht dunklen, athomphärischen, experimentellen Noise. Publikumsfeindlichkeit ist garantiert. Naked as virgin Bee noisen mit Saxophon und Gitarre. Keine Angst. Instrumente hört man mit Sicherheit nicht raus. Une Carrefour est une Carrefour!! die krawallerie und die 7te infantilerie (the racketry and the 7th infantilery) is a duo which really kicks up a row. punks with no cause, just kicking up a fuss about anything. free of any concept, they`re going on the rampage using electronic junk. the outfit is total noise, mostly. don`t expect what they don`t deliever. (unvitally monthly #375) dieses konzert wird unterstützt von

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