Sa, 07.05.2011, 19:00 Uhr

blurred edges – If you like it, listen to it

If you like it, listen to it

19.00 Komponistengespräch, Moderation: Hans W. Koch 20.00 Das AKROS Percussion Collective spielt Werke von Phil Corner (Gastkomponist der INITIATIVE 21 zum Festival blurred edges), Michel van der Aa (Composer in Residence der Stadt Hamburg) und Nikolaus Gerszewski (Gastgeber). Programm: Michel Van der Aa:Between for four percussionists Philip Corner: Meditation with Excitements, Performed by six percussionists (each with a temple bowl and a prepared bass drum with foot pedal).The Birth of the Beat or Motors Give Regular Rhythms, Performed by six percussionists (each with a pair of bongos tuned in micro-tones) and a running motor.Progression, Primitive for Drums and Harmony Instruments, Performed by six percussionists in three pairs. Two of the pairs will consist of: one multi-percussionist (with snare drum, foot bass drum, cymbal) and one keyboard percussionist (on either vibraphone, marimba, or glockenspiel) the other pair will act as punctuators (on gongs, triangles, etc.). Nikolaus Gerszewski: Velocities for Four Glockenspiels

Eintritt: 15.-/10.-
Ort: Forum Neue Musik in der Christianskirche | Klopstockplatz 2