Mo, 08.06.2009, 21:00 Uhr

h7-club mit Heribert Friedl(Wien), Gregory Büttner und Birgit Ulher

h7-club mit Heribert Friedl(Wien), Gregory Büttner und Birgit Ulher

Heribert Friedl(Wien) - laptop + Birgit Ulher & Gregory Büttner Birgit Ulher: trumpet, speakers, mutes Gregory Büttner: computer Heribert Friedl lives in Vienna, and studied sculpture at the University of
Applied Arts there. In his exhibitions he has been working with scents
and its non visual phenomenons - sometimes in combination with sounds.
He has had exhibitions, soundperformances and projects in cities of Hungary,
Germany, England, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Cuba and Austria.Heribert Friedl follows the kind of minimalist aesthetics that works with a few 
sounds, small events, nearly imperceptibl movements. Despite seeming simple, 
this is a very delicate kind of music: each and every sound bears enormous 
significance and have to bear the responsibility for the whole work.After more mp3-releases and albums on labels LINE, Trente Oiseaux and and/OAR
he founded his label nonvisualobjects with Raphael Moser in 2005. The label
releases works by such renowned minimalist artists as Steve Roden, Richard
Chartier, Roel Meelkop, Bernhard Günter, among others. Gregory Büttner spielt Sounds per Computer über verschiedene kleine Lautsprecher welche Birgit Ulher wiederum als Dämpfer für ihre Trompete benutzt und auf diese Weise mit ihren Sounds moduliert. Da die Trompete als Resonanzraum für die Computersounds fungiert, werden sowohl die Trompeten-, als auch die Computersounds moduliert. Die Trompete funktioniert hier als Sender und Empfänger gleichzeitig.

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Ort: Blinzelbar