Do, 16.06.2022, 20:00 Uhr

blurred edges – Crosstalk in Space / Ngoni and Walkman Rarely Ever Play Together

Crosstalk in Space / Ngoni and Walkman Rarely Ever Play Together

Oblique Noir: Modular synth, other sound sources Max AndrÈ Rademacher & A.K.Klosowski: Kassetteninstrument, Ngoni, Stimme Oblique Noir is playing a modular synth system, which has become the springboard for his interpretation of organic electronic sound aesthetics. Lately, Helge Kaul aka Oblique Noir is exploring ancient techniques like microtonality and hocketing. Hocketing involves instruments playing discrete portions of a single melody which can make you feel „like you ́re inside a melody“. This effect can be enhanced with multichannel audio. Melodies arise from improvisation, and the musical dialog takes place between four „west coast“-style oscillators and four loudspeakers in the quadrophonic space. A.K. Klosowski plays the „Kassetteninstrument“, an instrument he built from 1980s Sony Walkmans. Max AndrÈ Rademacher plays the Ngoni, the ancient lute from Mali, West Africa, known to have existed since more than 800 years. Despite their different musical backgrounds, the two artists recognised their shared approach to music and similarities in their instru- ments: The warped loops and motoric rhythms of the cassette recorders. The repetitive liquid riffs of the Ngoni. Together, they make a linear hypnotic pulse you may want to dance or trance to. 20:00 Uhr Einlass 20:30 Oblique Noir 22:00 Max AndrÈ Rademacher & A.K.Klosowski

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