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blurred edges – mobile + blurred music

mobile + blurred music

Musical Concepts of Blurriness Alberto Braida: piano John Hughes: double bass Biliana Voutchkova: violin Michael Thieke: clarinet Mobile is the duo of Alberto Braida and John Hughes. The name of the duoaptly suggests musical possibilities of any given meeting or performance ofBraida and Hughes – shifting textures and harmonies and propulsion –a constant change and reconfiguration of malleable sound material andcomposition. The music of the Voutchkova/Thieke duo focuses on micro tonality, imageryand intensely dynamic, often slowly developing and moving soundscapes.Biliana Voutchkova and Michael Thieke have worked together within (andin between) both compositional and improvisational methods since 2011.In 2016 the duo started developing their concept Blurred Music which isdedicated to the translation of the visual concept of blurriness into sonicforms and strategies.

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