Sa, 20.06.2015, 21:00 Uhr

blurred edges – Sweet Anticipation

Sweet Anticipation

Schlagzeug, Video und Elektronik Alexander Schubert: Video und Elektronik Jonathan Shapiro: Schlagzeug Programm: Michael Beil: Batterie Alexander Schubert / Jonathan Shapiro: Neues Werk Andrej Koroliov: Resist Mix Nathan Davis: Diving Bell Alexander Schubert: Laplace Tiger Sweet Anticipation is a journey into the birth of a new generation of percussion music. With a strong emphasis on the incorporation of performances elements as well as live audio and video processing, the acoustic elements are augmented into a multimedial theatre like experience. In Michael Beil's "Batterie" the live drum set is electronically doubled in an ever-shifting spatialisation of the sound which controls the movement of the video images. Andrej Koroliov's post-hardcore "Resist Mix" puts the drummer in the forefront as the singer/screamer breaking out in visceral rhythmic bursts with the accompaniment of tongue in cheek samples. Nathan Davis's "Diving Bell" deconstructs the sound of the triangle through a spectral analysis of the live sound and rebuilds it, altering and freezing elements of the spectrum in the live processing. Alexander Schubert's "Laplace Tiger" explores how the movements in playing the drums can be extended beyond the instrument and control the live processing of the audio and video through the use of motion sensors.

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