Musikschaffende und UnterstützerInnen des Verbandes:


FX SchrÖder, TS Österheld + 100 girls with a pocket cornet

FX SchrÖder (marching drums) und TS Österheld (pocket cornet) are MMEK: Mobiles Musikalisches Einsatzkommando. You call the SEK when things get serious. So this is MMEK. SEK can be a 100 heavy armed girls with a pocket cornet showing up all of sudden. So, period: This is also MMEK, its funny, its sexy, it can't be corrupted by money, we would never accept any fee. Of course we are pacifist and terrorist in the same moment. Art can be Weapon, Music always was weapon, may it be at the boarder between South and North Korea or in the ancient wars: Music has such a big impact. Muzak has such a big impact.


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